Roheema Yasmin

I am studying LLB Law and started in 2019

Roheema Yasmin

Why did you choose the Pathways to Law programme?

Essentially, I was interested in a legal career and researched opportunities which lead me to the Pathways to Law programme. The programme aimed to widen access and coming from a state school I knew this would be highly beneficial for me as it would confirm if studying a law degree at university was for me.

What did you most enjoy about studying this programme?

The Warwick Law conference was amazing as I got to meet other pathways to law students from different universities. This allowed me to make many new friends and immerse myself with like-minded individuals. Also, the various networking events and parties were great opportunities to meet and interact with legal professionals to gain important advice and tips.

What has been the highlight of the programme?

My work experience placement at a barrister’s chambers was like a lightbulb moment for me as it confirmed my career path in the legal sector. Watching barristers in court definitely motivated me to study hard to achieve the A level grades to get into university.

Have you been involved in any other activities outside the programme which you think may be relevant to your degree and career, such as events or groups?

I have become a member of the Manchester University Law Society and participated in the Debating Society and Mooting Society which will help enhance my advocacy and networking skills. I have completed the Social Mobility Business Parentship Week where I spent an entire week in the in-house legal department of ITV, Adidas and Manchester City. Also, I have partaken in judge marshalling which allowed me to gain insight into the role of the judiciary, court procedure and styles of advocacy.

What are your future plans? How do you feel being on the Pathways to Law programme has prepared you for your future plans?

I intend to graduate with a law degree, complete the Bar Professional Training Course, obtain a pupillage and become a successful barrister!

Name one valuable experience that you will take away with you that you could have only experienced on this programme?

Networking skills can take you very far. Pathways encouraged me to be more confident and allowed me introduce myself to legal professionals. Being able to make connections and keep in contact has helped me immensely as I’ve been able to obtain work experience placements!

What advice would you give to new students about to study this programme?

Take every opportunity offered to you- this includes work experience placements, cv and personal statement workshops and networking events. Ultimately this will help your career and set you apart from other candidates.