Holly Golding

I studied Law at University of Liverpool and graduated in 2017.

I attended a state school and was the first in my family to attend university.

My passion for law is firmly rooted in my aptitude for problem solving and logical reasoning. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment in piecing together legal arguments and putting the law in context.

I chose the Pathways to Law programme for the mentoring and networking opportunities with legal professionals, in order to develop the requisite skills needed to become a solicitor. I wanted to capitalise on the chance to learn from those already qualified.

What I enjoyed the most was the placement in a large law firm which gave me hands-on experience and prepared me for the demands of a legal career, by allowing me to step outside my comfort zone. This was my most valuable experience because I was exposed to high profile proceedings which inspired me to aim for the top. The experience I built allowed me to make informed decisions about my career and I focused on qualifying as a solicitor since.

The highlight for me was gaining access to a magic circle firm in London; access that I wouldn’t have been able to gain if it hadn’t have been for Pathways to Law and their forward-thinking initiatives.

The programme prepared me for professional working life and I made life long connections.

I now have a training contract with global commercial law firm Eversheds Sutherland. The journey to securing a training contract here first began with Pathways to Law assisting me in work experience at Eversheds Sutherland when I was still a student. This shows the positive impact that the programme has had on achieving my goals as I now work for my dream law firm.

My future plan is to finish the LPC and Training Contract in order to qualify.

My advice to Pathways student would be:

  • Keep a diary of everything your involved with/everyone you speak to, as you never know when you might need to refer to this later such as in applications or interviews for example.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Make the most of the opportunity and put yourself in the best position for when deciding what direction to take your career in. Knowledge is power!
  • Stay in contact with your peers and the legal professionals you meet even after graduating from the programme. You will find this really useful in terms of continuing to receive support and guidance. Keep expanding your network as this may lead to even more opportunities!