Jamie Holmes

I did the Pathways to Law Programme at Manchester University and went on to study Law LLB with Integrated Masters of Law and Practice at Huddersfield University.

Jamie Holmes

Why did you choose the Pathways to Law programme?

I chose the programme as it is a good way of introducing people into the legal profession – it was very insightful for someone like me where up to that point I had no idea what I was getting myself in for!

What do you most enjoy about studying this programme?

I found the course quite insightful – the organisers really do get some of the best speakers to volunteer their time all of whom I found really motivating and were really good at introducing students and encouraging them to go into the profession whilst also being realistic at what to expect going in.

What has been the highlight of the programme?

Meeting all the other Pathways students from the other programmes when we had the National Conference in 2010!

Have you been involved in any other activities outside the programme which you think maybe relevant to your degree and career, such as events or groups?

I studied at the University of Huddersfield after Sixth Form and whilst there I was part of the University's Legal Advice Clinic – my advice for current programme students is that if your university offers this as I know a few do, then go for it as it was valuable experience for when I applied for jobs and it is one of the few experiences aside from an actual job which will give you a flavour for what you're getting into!

What are your future plans? How do you feel being on the Pathways to Law programme has prepared you for your future plans?

I'm on course for a Training Contract in 2019 and I'm working hard to make sure I'm ready. The guest speakers and also the work experience and trips were very good at giving me an insight into the legal world – I would have had absolutely no clue what to expect going forward if not for the Programme giving me the opportunities it did.

Name one valuable experience that you will take away with you that you could have only experienced on this programme?

(I'm cheating a little here) rather than one experience I'm going to have to pick one group of experiences (if that makes any sense!) which would be as I mentioned previously, all the volunteers from various legal sectors, be it a judge, lawyers or barristers – without the programme and their contacts I never would have been introduced to all of the brilliant speakers who came in to see us and gave up their time.

What advice would you give to new students about to study this programme?

One thing I never truly appreciated until I actually finished my degree and got a job in the legal world is how good the programme was for setting me up for those experiences – all the things you do on the course are very helpful for a career in law – the best piece of advice I would give is to make notes on everything you do! I did that and it was useful in interviews for jobs and looks good on your CV if you can demonstrate what you did.