Mature students

We work with return-to-study candidates who are considering a degree in social sciences.

If you are applying to study with us at the School of Social Sciences as a mature student make sure that you access the advice on offer.

The advice that we provide for mature students comes in many forms, from answering informal phone enquiries to delivering presentations at further education institutions that provide Access to Higher Education Diplomas.

Drop-in sessions

If you attend one of our drop-in sessions, you will be guided through the various ways of studying social sciences. We will provide you with:

  • an overview of social sciences programmes;
  • advice relating to course choice;
  • information on entry requirements;
  • advice on suitable study methods;
  • relevant course materials.


If your application is successful you will be invited to attend an interview. We will ask you to bring along some examples of work from your existing studies and we will expect you to be familiar with the content of the course that you have applied for. If the interview goes well, you will be made on offer subject to meeting specific criteria on your current programme of study.

Preparing for university study

At the interview stage you will also be given information on how to prepare for higher education and, if relevant, provided with course materials. If you meet the offer you can then user these materials over the summer to further prepare yourself for enrolment in September.

Get in touch

Contact the admissions tutor directly to get personalised advice regarding your application or more general advice on how to return to education. You can do this via email, phone or by attending one of our drop-in sessions.