Business engagement

Successful organisations and businesses thrive on a constant supply of fresh-thinking and talented people.

In the School of Social Sciences our researchers have a great track record in generating a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to real-world problems.

What we do

We help organisations access the knowledge and skills to solve their problems.

The Business Engagement Support Team can help with research projects, consultancy, knowledge exchange, sharing facilities, professional development and recruiting talent.

Who we work with

The School has collaborated with the following companies and organisations:

Dr Luke Graham

Business engagement is an important area of work carried out by the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester. We regard it to be much wider than business liaison and our work extends to third sector organisations, the promotion of alumni projects and funding as well as the full range of consultancy and CPD opportunities.

We have a wide range of world leading researchers and scholars who can support the growth of innovation as well as helping to provide answers to some of the world’s most challenging issues.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do or see if we can assist you with your next project, please contact Dr Luke Graham at

Dr Luke Graham / Business Engagement Lead, School of Social Sciences

Our three-year Strategy (2020-2022)

Working with external partners has the potential to produce excellent relationships, increase academic impact and produce collaborations that further enhance the Faculty and University Business Engagement and Social Responsibility strategies.

Our three priority areas are high on the regional agenda and involve interdisciplinary collaborations across the University. We are keen to explore other exciting initiatives involving colleagues in Social Sciences.

  • The new Centre for Digital Trust and Security will launch in 2021.
  • Healthy Ageing.
  • Legal Tech.

We are committed to working with colleagues to support existing projects, across the School, and to explore new opportunities to enhance our partnerships.