Robert JP Muirhead

I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics but transferred to an apprenticeship doing digital marketing.

Robert JP Muirhead

Why did you choose the Pathways to Law programme?

My law teacher brought it up in class and I was considering a career in law so like Jim Carrey in the film Yes Man I figured “Why not?”

What did you most enjoy about studying this programme?

I enjoyed getting a chance to refine my public speaking and I was able to do this in mock trials and in presentations, as well as getting to know solicitors and barristers from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life!

What has been the highlight of the programme?

Winning a mock trial in an authentic courtroom setting presided over by a real judge!

Have you been involved in any other activities outside the programme which you think maybe relevant to your degree and career, such as events or groups?

When I was in sixth form we went on a law trip to London; visited the Old Bailey and had a discussion with two judges, Inns of Court, the Supreme Court - relevant to both a career in law or politics.

What are your future plans? How do you feel being on the Pathways to Law programme has prepared you for your future plans?

My future plans involve completing my apprenticeship in digital marketing and then looking at getting into politics. Pathways to Law has helped me particularly for politics because public speaking and debating are crucial to being a politician, not to mention that if one makes laws it’s a good idea to understand them!

Name one valuable experience that you will take away with you that you could have only experienced on this programme?

Aside from making friends with good people? Spending the day in some of London’s top law firms, getting to know their inner workings and the routes their solicitors took to arrive at their destination (Not to mention multiple balcony views of the city in glorious sunshine from high rises!).

What advice would you give to new students about to study this programme?

Ask questions! Never stop asking questions! You’ll understand better and not only that: others understand better too! Win-win!