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Social Anthropology Seminar - Dr Olivia Casagrande - Monday 21st October 2019

16:00 - 18:00 21 October 2019

Social Anthropology Seminar Monday, 21st October 2019 Dr Olivia Casagrande – University of Manchester “ Performing the Mapuche City: Political Imaginations, Emplaced Aesthetics and Corporeal Epistemologies” Within many cities in Latin America, indigenous people are compelled to find new ways of relating to urban space, negotiating co..

Macro Seminar - Andre Silva (Nova de Lisboa)

16:00 - 17:00 22 October 2019

Title: Government Financing, Inflation, and the Financial Sector

CGP Doctoral Researcher Seminar with Kai Heron and Jasper van der Kist

15:30 - 17:00 23 October 2019

Please join the Critical Global Politics Research Cluster for a joint Doctoral Researcher seminar with Kai Heron and Jasper van der Kist. Kai Heron (University of Manchester) will present on 'Dialectical Materialism and the Climate Crisis: A Lacanian Perspective'. Kai's research interests include: radical political theory, political economy,..

MET Seminar - Matt Polisson

17:00 - 18:00 23 October 2019

"Ever Since Allais and Ellsberg" More info: University of Bristol,

Applied Economics Seminar - Antonio Castro Henriques (Porto)

13:00 - 14:00 24 October 2019

Title: TBA

MES Seminar - Ian Crawford (Oxford)

13:30 - 15:00 30 October 2019

Title: TBA

Philosophy Research Seminar: Dr Nakul Krishna (Cambridge)

15:10 - 16:55 30 October 2019

*Title: Analytic Philosophy as a Stylistic Tradition? *Abstract: Historians of analytic philosophy have looked to many things to unite the disparate range of philosophers and texts commonly labelled 'analytic': to methods, doctrines, influences, and occasionally, to style. But what does it mean to think of analytic philosophy as a tradition u..

Applied Economics Seminar - Sabrina Eisenbarth (Exeter)

13:00 - 14:15 31 October 2019

Title: TBA

Understanding our skin – what happens as we age?

13:00 - 16:00 31 October 2019

You are invited to a free seminar on Understanding our skin – what happens as we age? MICRA is pleased to announce the first seminar of the 2019/20 academic year - Understanding our skin – what happens as we age? This event will include a free networking lunch Our skin acts as an important barrier to the environment, but as we age it..

Social Anthropology Seminar - 4th November 2019 - Dr Arran Calvert

16:00 - 18:00 04 November 2019

Social Anthropology Seminar Monday, 4th of November 2019 Dr Arran Calvert – University of Manchester Cathedral Within a Cathedral : Modelling, Knowing and Narrating with LEGO In July 2013, Durham Cathedral began the Durham Cathedral LEGO Build, a project aimed at raising £350,000 for maintenance to the eleventh-century Anglo-Norman cat..