Anita Kaur

I am a recent Law (LLB) graduate and a future trainee solicitor at Kennedys.

Anita Kaur

Why did you choose the Pathways to Law programme?

I chose the Pathways to Law programme as I was interested in studying law and university and pursuing a career in the legal sector. However, as my knowledge of the legal sector was minimal at that time, I wanted to learn more about the profession and be able to experience it myself and so, I decided to join the Pathways to Law programme.

What did you most enjoy about studying this programme?

One of the things I most enjoyed was the different workshops and events as it allowed me to network with individuals from the legal sector, develop my confidence and my skills and it provided me with the invaluable opportunity to develop my knowledge of the legal sector and learn about the type of work I could get involved in.

What has been the highlight of the programme?

One of the highlights of the programme was having the opportunity to undertake work experience at a law firm as this was my first ever experience in the legal sector and again, the varied workshops and events that were put on, in particular the networking sessions.

Have you been involved in any other activities outside the programme which you think may be relevant to your degree and career, such as events or groups?

At university I became a Pathways to Law mentor as I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the programme when I was at college and wanted to continue this and to help other students. I was also a peer mentor, a well-being champion, a student ambassador and I volunteered at the Manchester Free Legal Help Service. I was also a part-time sales assistant and completed numerous work experiences in the legal sector both in person and virtually throughout my journey. Such activities were beneficial to my career as they allowed me to develop many skills which are necessary to be a successful lawyer.

What are your future plans? How do you feel being on the Pathways to Law programme has prepared you for your future plans?

I will begin my legal career with global law firm Kennedys where I will be a trainee solicitor on the commercial SQE programme. Being on the programme has prepared me for my future plans as it provided me with my first ever legal experience and gave me my first stepping stone to reach my career goals.

Name one valuable experience that you will take away with you that you could have only experienced on this programme?

My one valuable experience that I will take away from this programme is the confidence it has provided me with. Attending sessions and networking with individuals from all over has helped me to increase my confidence and for that I am very grateful to the programme.

What advice would you give to new students about to study this programme?

My advice to new students who are about to study the programme is to make the most of it! Ask as many questions as you could possibly think of, gain as many contact details as you can, connect with people on LinkedIn and enjoy it! Pathways to Law is such a unique and invaluable opportunity that you will not get elsewhere. It will help you with your legal career immensely and so, it is important that you attend every session you possibly can and make the most of it because it will be so beneficial to anyone looking to pursue a career in the legal sector.