BA Social Sciences (BASS)

The BASS courses allow you to sample a broad range of social science subjects in Year 1 before you specialise in Year 2 and 3.

The benefits

  • You don’t need to have studied social sciences before, we are more interested in your motivation and interest in the subjects. 
  • In your first year, you gain a broad and solid introduction to the social sciences.
  • In Years 2 and 3, you select from a range of pathways and options across subject areas.
  • You benefit from the expertise of other departments, such as Criminology.

We provide:

  • interactive learning and studying experience to help you develop knowledge and understanding appropriate to your specialisation;
  • learning experiences that are based on and informed by current research;
  • help you develop an awareness of the contribution of the social sciences to understanding contemporary society;
  • preparation for postgraduate study if that’s right for you;
  • a range of invaluable transferable skills that prepare you for employment.

Studying Sociology and Criminology [as part of the BA Social Sciences] at University has been one of the wisest steps I have ever taken. I enjoy learning about society [and] having such an array of units to choose from.

Robert Varley / BASS student (Sociology and Criminology)

Student perspective

Calvin tells us why he chose BASS at Manchester.