Vacation Scheme

The Justice Hub has for many years provided a summer vacation scheme where students worked for one week on a case in the Legal Advice Centre. As Covid-19 struck, it became clear that it would not be possible to operate the vacation scheme in its traditional format. This created a juxtaposition, as the very existence of Covid-19 was detrimentally impacting people on a wide spectrum of legal issues ranging from carers to employment, family, small claims and housing. Recognising that many of these legal issues related to often the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society, with no access to legal help, the virtual vacation scheme was devised for students to provide accessible online information. Instead of giving advice to individual clients in person, the objective for the Virtual Vacation Scheme was to provide online and accessible information that could help a number of people at the click of a button.

These resources were produced during a virtual Vacation Scheme in June 2021. The information and guidance reflects policy at the time and may be subject to change. Whilst these documents and videos provide legal information, they do not amount to legal advice.



Small Claims