Manchester Innocence Project

The Manchester Innocence Project is a pro-bono organisation based in the Justice Hub at The University of Manchester.

The Project was established in 2020 when our ‘Miscarriage of Justice Review Centre’ was accepted into the US-based Innocence Network. The Project is one of only 13 non-US based members of the Network, and one of only two projects in England and Wales.

It is a staff-student collaboration aimed at helping the wrongfully convicted and promoting positive change in the justice system. Students have the opportunity to gain a practical insight into the legal system and the unique issues affecting those who suffer a miscarriage of justice.

Our students will support a client through every stage of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) application process. Under the supervision of both academic and legal professional staff, students practice advocacy, critical thinking and research skills to effect real change.

Gaining hands-on experience, students engage with clients, witnesses, lawyers, and experts to provide an application to the CCRC, with the goal of proving that a miscarriage of justice has occurred.

As a member of the wider Innocence Project organisation, students with the Manchester Innocence Project are part of a global organisation seeking to promote justice across the world.



The Great Post Office Scandal: What Went Wrong and Why It Matters

Watch our launch event with Nick Wallis on the Post Office Horizon IT Scandal, one of the most significant miscarriages of justice in the UK.

Our people

Academic Directors

Claire McGourlay

"The Manchester Innocence Project is only one of two projects in the UK affiliated with the USA Innocence Project network and provides students with first and experience that is challenging and rewarding. I love working with Undergraduate and Postgraduate students on the IP and also helping our clients”.

Fintan Walker

"The Innocence Project provides students with a practical outlet for their study of criminal law, criminal evidence and miscarriages of justice. Students get a unique insight into the inner workings of the criminal appeals process and the opportunity to develop skills needed to practice law. For my part, I love seeing students fully invested in the review of cases and the search for fresh evidence."


Listen to the Director of the Manchester Innocence Project, Claire McGourlay, discussing our collaborations with supporters from the London Innocence Project and Cardiff University Innocence project on an 'Innocent talk' podcast episode.

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The Justice Hub, Law School, 
The University of Manchester
188 Waterloo Place
Oxford Road 
M13 9PL

Tel: +44 (0)161 275 7976

Follow us on Twitter: @InnocenceMCR

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Students at the University may apply to join the project every year.