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Find out more about events aimed at the general public in the School of Social Sciences.

SHORT COURSES: Social Media for Data Analysis

24 May 2019

This course describes how to use free Windows software Mozdeh to gather tweets and to download comments on YouTube videos. The course will also describe simple methods to gain insights into the meaning of the downloaded texts and to identify patterns within the data. You will learn to use the free Mozdeh Windows software to: Gather tweet..

Brexit on the Brink: From Uncertainty to Cooperation

17:30 - 19:00 30 May 2019

The event, “Brexit on the Brink: from uncertainty to cooperation?” will focus on the most relevant issues pertaining to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the support that European citizens in the UK will receive from the European Commission. The event will also aim to inform the audience of contingency plans that E..

SHORT COURSES: Design of experiments and analysing experimental data

17 June 2019

This course is designed for those interested in the design, conduct, and analysis of experiments in the social sciences. The course will examine how to design experiments, carry them out, and analyse the experimental data. Positioned in the context of online market research, the course will also cover the use of experiments in market research...

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