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SHORT COURSES: Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis

21 February 2019

The course covers basic concepts in longitudinal design and analysis. The morning session focuses on the strengths and methodological difficulties of the longitudinal approach such as defining longitudinal populations and target samples; levels and dimensions of change; age, period and cohort effects. There will be one small group discussion...

SHORT COURSES: Longitudinal Data Analysis

22 February 2019

The course covers two of the most useful ways of analysing longitudinal data. In the morning we cover growth curve analysis within a multilevel modelling framework. The theoretical ideas are embellished with practical work using data from the National Child Development Study. After lunch, basic concepts in survival analysis and event history a..

SHORT COURSES: Structural Equation Modelling Using Mplus

20 - 22 March 2019

Structural Equation Models (SEM) amalgamate regression analysis, path/mediation analysis and factor analysis, allowing for more richly detailed statistical models to be specified and compared to data than by using these techniques individually. Historically, SEM models were confined to the analysis of continuous observed data, limiting their..

SHORT COURSES: Multiple Linear Regression

28 March 2019

This course provides a thorough grounding in the theory and methods of multiple linear regression including model selection, nonlinear relationships and transformations, dummy variables, interaction terms and assumption testing. The course comprises taught and practical components in about equal proportions. The course is designed for users o..

SHORT COURSES: NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

11 April 2019

This course introduces NVivo as a data management tool. The structure of the training session will be a combination of formal presentation alongside the practical application. Those attending the training session will have access to data sets for practical sessions and can also bring their own data to use in the practical parts of the session..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to STATA

02 May 2019

The course provides an introductory training in Stata, a statistical package increasingly used for social research data analysis which has powerful data manipulation procedures and extensive and powerful statistical capabilities. The aim of the course is to familiarise participants with the basic features of Stata 14. On completing the course..

SHORT COURSES: Survival analysis with STATA

03 May 2019

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the Stata software and want to use it for analysing survival/event history data. Introduction to the theory of the event-history method (survival analysis) Finding appropriate research questions Preparation of datasets for event-history analysis Analysis and interpretati..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to ArcGIS

09 May 2019

The course will explore the fundamentals of GIS through the analysis of real, recent crime data, straight from the Greater Manchester Police. Attendees will gain a good overview of the fundamentals of Geographical Information Science, gain experience in the analysis and representation of both vector and raster datasets, and learn how to turn t..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to Data Analysis 1

15 May 2019

This course provides an introduction to the theory and methods of quantitative data analysis, focusing on the social survey. It has an emphasis on hands-on learning, with a series of practical sessions using the statistical software package SPSS to explore data from the British Social Attitudes survey. The course will: introduce particip..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to Data Analysis 2

16 May 2019

This course provides an introduction to the theory and methods of quantitative data analysis. The focus is on methods for analysing relationships between variables, including Chi-square tests, correlation and linear regression. The course will examine relationships between variables covering: The concept of statistical significance..

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