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JMCE Seminar Series - Dr. Rachel Minto (University of Cardiff)

14:00 - 15:00 21 November 2018

Wednesday 21 November 2018, 14:00 @ University Place, 6.206 Speaker: Dr. Rachel Minto (University of Cardiff) Title: Re-wiring European Networks post-Brexit: Continuity and change from a multi-level perspective

Re-wiring European Networks post-Brexit: Continuity and change from a multi-level perspective (Dr. Rachel Minto - University of Cardiff)

14:00 - 15:00 21 November 2018

The Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE) Seminar Series

SHORT COURSES: Social Media for Data Analysis

23 November 2018

This course describes how to use free Windows software Mozdeh to gather tweets and to download comments on YouTube videos. The course will also describe simple methods to gain insights into the meaning of the downloaded texts and to identify patterns within the data. You will learn to use the free Mozdeh Windows software to: Gather tweet..

Exploring Lost Property!

11:00 - 16:00 29 November 2018

Are you a serial loser of keys? Do you always leave your umbrella on the train? Perhaps you once lost something really important to you and have never forgotten about it? Whatever your Lost Property story - we want to hear it! Researcher Dr Helen Holmes from the University of Manchester is exploring what happens to all those things we acci..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to STATA

29 November 2018

The course provides an introductory training in Stata, a statistical package increasingly used for social research data analysis which has powerful data manipulation procedures and extensive and powerful statistical capabilities. The aim of the course is to familiarise participants with the basic features of Stata 14. On completing the course..

SHORT COURSES: Introduction to Event History Analysis with STATA

30 November 2018

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the Stata software and want to use it for analysing survival/event history data. Introduction to the theory of the event-history method (survival analysis) Finding appropriate research questions Preparation of datasets for event-history analysis Analysis and interpretati..

JMCE Seminar Series 2018-19 SEMESTER I - Speaker: Dr. Mustafa Kutlay (City University)

14:00 - 15:00 05 December 2018

Wednesday 5 December 2018, 14:00 @ University Place, 6.206 Speaker: Dr. Mustafa Kutlay (City University) Title: Turkey in Turbulent Times: political institutions and economic development

SHORT COURSES: NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

06 December 2018

This course introduces NVivo as a data management tool. The structure of the training session will be a combination of formal presentation alongside the practical application. Those attending the training session will have access to data sets for practical sessions and can also bring their own data to use in the practical parts of the session..

SHORT COURSES: Multilevel Modelling

10 December 2018

This one-day course begins with a description of some examples where multilevel models are useful in statistical analysis and some examples of multilevel populations. We then cover the basic theory of multilevel models including random intercept and random slope specifications, the use of contextual variables in multilevel analysis and modelli..

JMCE-CODE Workshop: Resurgences of national citizenship in Europe? Brexit and other restrictions

10:00 - 16:15 11 December 2018

This interdisciplinary workshop will explore the current questioning of supra-national citizenship and intra-EU freedom of movement. Brexit, new limitations to the rights of mobile EU citizenship; and more restrictive integration requirements across Europe, are increasing the importance of holding the national citizenship of the country of..