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The real effects of monetary expansions: Evidence from a large-scale historical experiment

Nuno Palma
The Review of Economic Studies, 89(3): 1593-1627, May 2022

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The vagaries of the sea: Evidence on the real effects of money from maritime disasters in the Spanish empire

Adam Brzezinski, Yao Chen, Nuno Palma, Felix Ward
The Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming

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Gender, competition and performance: Evidence from chess players

Peter Backus, Maria Cubel, Matej Guid, Santiago Sánchez-Pages, Enrique Lopez Manas
Quantitative Economics, Forthcoming

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Obesity, poverty and public policy

Rachel Griffith
The Economic Journal, 132(644): 1235-1258, May 2022

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Price floors and externality correction

Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell, Kate Smith
The Economic Journal, 132(646): 2273-2289, August 2022

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When Walras meets Vickrey

David Delacrétaz, Simon Loertscher, Claudio Mezzetti
Theoretical Economics, Forthcoming

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The role of withholding in the self-enforcement of a value-added tax: Evidence from Pakistan

Mazhar Waseem
The Review of Economics and Statistics, 104(2): 336-354, March 2022

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How do taxpayers respond to public disclosure and social recognition programs? Evidence from Pakistan

Joel Slemrod, Obeid Ur Rehman, Mazhar Waseem
The Review of Economics and Statistics, 104(1): 116-132, January 2022

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Geographic cross-sectional fiscal spending multipliers and the role of local autonomy: Evidence from European regions

Markus Brueckner, Evi Pappa, Ákos Valentinyi
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Forthcoming

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Not an ordinary bank but a great engine of state: The Bank of England and the British economy, 1694–1844

Patrick K O'Brien, Nuno Palma
The Economic History Review, Forthcoming

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Monetary and macroprudential policy coordination with biased preferences

Pierre-Richard Agénor, Timothy P Jackson
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Forthcoming

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Bagged pretested portfolio selection

Ekaterina Kazak, Winfried Pohlmeier
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Forthcoming

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Source and rank-dependent utility

Mohammed Abdellaoui, Horst Zank
Economic Theory, Forthcoming

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Coalitions with limited coordination

Leonidas C Koutsougeras
Economic Theory, 73(2-3): 439-456, April 2022

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An evolutionary finance model with short selling and endogenous asset supply

Rabah Amir, Sergei Belkov, Igor V Evstigneev, Thorsten Hens
Economic Theory, 73(2-3): 655-677, April 2022

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