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Preferences and performance in simultaneous first-price auctions: A structural analysis

Matthew Gentry, Tatiana Komarova, Pasquale Schiraldi
The Review of Economic Studies, 90(2): 852-878, March 2023

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Overclaimed refunds, undeclared sales, and invoice mills: Nature and extent of noncompliance in a value-added tax

Mazhar Waseem
Journal of Public Economics, 218: 1-17, February 2023

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Comparative European institutions and the Little Divergence, 1385–1800

António Henriques, Nuno Palma
Journal of Economic Growth, Forthcoming

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The vagaries of the sea: Evidence on the real effects of money from maritime disasters in the Spanish empire

Adam Brzezinski, Yao Chen, Nuno Palma, Felix Ward
The Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming

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Gender, competition and performance: Evidence from chess players

Peter Backus, Maria Cubel, Matej Guid, Santiago Sánchez-Pages, Enrique Lopez Manas
Quantitative Economics, 14(1): 349-380, January 2023

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Bagged pretested portfolio selection

Ekaterina Kazak, Winfried Pohlmeier
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Forthcoming

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