Research highlights 2020

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How Well Targeted Are Soda Taxes?

Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell
American Economic Review, 110(11): 3661-3704, November 2020

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Time-Consistent Consumption Taxation

Sarolta Laczó, Raffaele Rossi
Journal of Monetary Economics, 114: 194-220, October 2020

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Inference in Second-Order Identified Models

Prosper Dovonon, Alastair R Hall, Frank Kleibergen
Journal of Econometrics, 218(2): 346-372, October 2020

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Does Cutting the Tax Rate to Zero Induce Behavior Different from Other Tax Cuts? Evidence from Pakistan

Mazhar Waseem
The Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(3): 426-441, July 2020

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A New Year, a New You? Within-Individual Variation in Food Purchases

Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell, Kate Smith, Frederic Vermeulen
European Economic Review, 127: 1-19, August 2020

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The Role of Heterogeneity of Patients' Preferences in Kidney Transplantation

Mesfin G Genie, Antonio Nicolò, Giacomo Pasini
Journal of Health Economics, 72: 1-22, July 2020

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Do Quotas Help Women to Climb the Career Ladder? A Laboratory Experiment

Valeria Maggian, Natalia Montinari, Antonio Nicolò
European Economic Review, 123: 1-33, April 2020

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