Impact case studies

In recent years our combined expertise in economics, finance and mathematics at Manchester has led to collaborations and research with real impact.

The innovation agenda: policy to drive economic growth

Innovation and R&D policies based on our research informed Government economic growth initiatives.

The case for eliminating milk quota and reforming the CAP in the EU

Our evidence provided key support for the UK Government’s pressure on the EU for the elimination of milk quotas that led ultimately to the 2008 decision to abolish milk quotas in 2015 in the EU.

Profitable investments based on the mathematics of behaviour

Large Swiss and German investment funds have successfully used mathematical behavioural finance to deliver high returns with low volatility, even during the financial crisis. 

Monetary policy and financial stability in the aftermath of the global financial crisis

Central banks in middle-income countries need to rethink the links between monetary policy, macroprudential regulation, and economic stability. 

Improving employment outcomes for ethnic minority groups

Through a series of policy reports, our research has informed a number of strategies that seek to address gaps in ethnic minority employment by local authorities and their regional partners.