Financial economics

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Our research covers a wide range of topics in financial economics. These include:

  • mathematical finance (in particular, evolutionary finance);
  • random dynamical systems in economics and finance;
  • financial markets and trading; and
  • financial econometrics.


  • Ralf Becker - econometrics, financial econometrics.
  • Igor Evstigneev- mathematical economics and finance, behavioural and evolutionary finance, economic theory, random dynamical systems, stochastic optimisation and games.
  • Ekaterina Kazak - applied econometrics, financial econometrics, causal inference.
  • Leonidas Koutsougeras - economic theory, general equilibrium, financial economics, asymmetric information, imperfect competition.
  • Kyriakos Neanidis - macroeconomics, development economics, financial economics.
  • Klaus Schenk-Hoppe – financial economics, financial markets and trading, computational economics and finance, dynamic economic theory, random dynamic systems theory.
  • Arthur Sinko - econometrics and financial econometrics, methods for high-frequency data.