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Current PhD students

Find out what some of our postgraduate researchers are working on.

Year 5+

  • Eman Abdulla
    Labour Markets in Depression: Worker Flows and Unemployment Dynamics in Times of Severe Shocks
  • Cahal Moran
    Prospect Theory as a Source of Heterogeneity in Microeconometric Datasets
  • Kasun Pathirage
    Financial Frictions, Labour Markets and Macroeconomic and Financial Policy
  • Faten Saliba
    Assessing the Cost Effectiveness Role of Environmental Stewardship Schemes in the UK
  • Yan Song
    Essays on physician dual practice in a mixed health market 
  • Alexander Squires
    Examining the effect of macroeconomic shocks on the private provision of public goods
  • Chisom Ubabukoh
    Modelling Agricultural Productivity Requirements for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
  • Yizhi Wang
    Essays on Collective Choice Mechanisms
  • Ning Xue
    Public Spending and Habit Formation
  • Shuonan Zhang
    Financial Development and Innovation: A DSGE Comparison of Chinese and US Business Cycles

Year 4

  • Jubril Animashaun
    Essays on Natural Resources Exploration and Negative Externalities

  • Selma Godinjak
    Optimal Monetary Policy with Extensions of the standard New Keynesian model

  • Chashika Kalubowila

  • Camilla Knudsen
    Monetary vs Non-Monetary Prices in Stated Preference Surveys: Gender and Hypothetical Bias Effects

  • Lin Lang

  • Manuel M. Mosquera Tarrío
    Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Learning and Expectations Formation

  • Nico Ochmann
    Essays in immigration economics

  • Nicholas Rees

  • Lois Simanjuntak
    Social information on online social networks

Year 3

  • Lotanna Emediegwu
    Essays on Climate Change and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Uzoma Iloanugo
    Essays on the Economics of Conflict and Civil War

  • Peihong Liu

  • Brittney Nguyen
    Under which regime, is women's well-being improved? The case of sex buyer law in Northern Ireland

  • Stephen Nolan

  • Valeriya Potapova

  • Anqi Zhang

Year 2

Year 1

  • Michael Grebe

  • Sukanya Honkote