Environmental economics

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Research within our department covers several areas in environmental economics, including:

  • applied energy economics;
  • trade and environment;
  • energy markets;
  • climate change;
  • economics of food safety;
  • evaluation of environmental policy.


  • Prasenjit Banerjee - game theoretic and experimental work on conservation and management of natural resources, behavioural impacts on environmental policies.
  • Ron Chan - energy markets, air pollution, climate change, trade and environment.
  • Edward Manderson – applied energy economics, globalisation and the environment, impacts of climate change.
  • Dan Rigby - choice experiments and best-worst scaling; economics of food safety, health and environment; academic malpractice and contract cheating.
  • Ada Wossink - environmental economic tradeoffs, the evaluation of environmental policy, sustainability and the provision of ecosystem services.

Applied seminar

Regular presentations by researchers outside Manchester take place in our weekly applied seminar series.