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Get in touch with us in person or by email.

The most reliable way of getting hold of academic staff and teaching assistants in person is during office hours, please see below for details.

If you can't make the office hours of the person you want to speak to, or if it's urgent, just email them to make an appointment. You're also welcome to just show up and see if we're in, but we're out and about quite a lot so that's not very likely to work!

Staff office hours

Below are the office hours (two per week) for academic staff in Philosophy.

These apply to teaching weeks only - that is, weeks 1-12. (In Semester 1, there is also a reading week in week 6. Some staff will have office hours in Reading Week too; please check with the staff member concerned.) Our office hour times normally change during the exam period; it's best to check with us if you would like to see us during the exam period.

There is no need to make an appointment if you would like to see a staff member during their office hour. Just call them from the internal phone at 4th floor reception (Arthur Lewis Building) - their number is in the telephone directory on the coffee table - and they will come and let you in.

NameTelephoneOfficeEmailOffice hours
Catharine Abell 51283 2.52 Monday 3-4pm, Tuesday 3-4pm
Helen Beebee 51755 2.47 Tuesday 12-1pm
Sean Crawford 51756 2.40 Tuesday 3-4pm, Friday 12-1pm
Christopher Daly 54892 2.55 Tuesday 2-3pm, Wednesday 2-3pm
Julian Dodd 53196 2.46 Monday 11am-12pm, Tuesday 1-2pm
Anthony Fisher 54779 2.50 Friday 1-3pm
Stephen Ingram 54870 2.42 Thursday 10-11am, Friday 11am-12pm
Paul Knights 54779 2.50 Thursday 10-11am
David Liggins 66947 2.59 Tuesday 3-4pm, Thursday 3-4pm
Fraser MacBride 66944 2.58 Thursday 11am-12pm
John O'Neill 54853 2.44 john.f.o' Tuesday 3-4pm, Thursday 1-2pm
Paula Satne 54777 2.45 Monday 1-2pm, Wednesday 10-11am
Michael Scott 53875 2.56 Monday 2-3pm, Tuesday 3-4pm
Joel Smith 51760 2.43 Wednesday 10am-12pm
Thomas Smith 57886 2.41 Wednesday 12-1pm, Thursday 12-1pm
Graham Stevens 54886 2.57 On Sabbatical this semester
Thomas Uebel 54621 2.51 On Sabbatical this semester
Ann Whittle 51760 2.42 On Sabbatical this semester

Teaching Assistant office hours

Teaching Assistant (TA) office hours run weeks 2-12. All office hours take place in the Arthur Lewis Building (ALB). 

If you can't make the office hour because, e.g., you have a class then, email them and they may be able to arrange an appointment at a different time. Or you can always go and talk to the relevant lecturer instead.

Rob Booth 2.053 Humanities Bridgeford Street Monday 1-2pm
Leonie Smith 2.053 Humanities Bridgeford Street Monday 3-4pm
Lydia Farina 2.053 Humanities Bridgeford Street Monday 2-3pm
Andrew Kirkton Philosophy kitchen, second floor of HBS Thursday 3-4pm
Abigail Connor Please contact for location Tuesday 1-2pm
Simon Walgenbach 2.053 Humanities Bridgeford Street Monday 4-5pm
Rebecca Simpson Arthur Lewis Common Room Thursday 11am-12pm
Maeve Macpherson Humanities Bridgeford Street cafe Friday 11am-12pm

Key contacts in Philosophy

  • Head of Department: Professor Christopher Daly
  • Philosophy Director or Undergraduate Studies: Professor Julian Dodd
  • Philosophy Undergraduate Administrator: Christopher Ashworth

Visit the Academic staff page to find further details of teaching and research staff within Philosophy. 

Directing your queries

If you're not sure who to ask, the information below should help to direct you.

Who should I contact to discuss ...

… something related to a particular course unit?

Talk to the course convenor (or, if the course unit is team-taught, to the lecturer who covered the relevant topic) – or, if tutorials are taken by a TA, you might like to talk to them instead. It's up to you. Feel free to talk to them about any aspect of the course unit, whether you're stuck on some reading or can't answer one of the tutorial questions or want to run a plan for an essay by them, or you just want to talk about some philosophical thoughts you've had.

… a concern about the teaching on my course?

The most obvious person to talk to would be the course convenor (if your concern relates to a TA or another lecturer on that course unit) or to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy, Graham Stevens if it relates to the course convenor. You can also talk to your academic adviser or the Head of Philosophy, Julian Dodd. Or you can raise the issue with the relevant student rep, so that they can take it up on your behalf; you should be able to find a list of this year's philosophy reps on the Philosophy Hub.

… my performance in an essay or exam?

The best person to speak to in the first instance is always the person who marked it. For exams, you can assume that that was the course convenor. For first- and second-year essays it will normally have been your TA. If you have more general concerns – e.g. you would like to improve your marks in general – your academic advisor would be your best bet.

… possible postgraduate study in philosophy?

Talk to your academic adviser, or the Postgraduate Admissions Team ( if you’re interested in the MA Philosophy, or contact the Admissions Tutor:

… an administrative query?

You might want to know about mitigations procedures, a deadline, etc. For general queries, please go to the School undergraduate office on the ground floor of the Arthur Lewis Building.

For philosophy-related queries, please contact Caroline Harmer ( in the UG office. But do please check that the information isn’t already provided in your course guide or your undergraduate handbook first!

For IT-related queries (e.g. problems with Blackboard, email, etc.), please contact the IT helpdesk via MyManchester.

The role of academic advisors

Our basic purpose is to help you with the academic side of your life at university in whatever way we can.

It might just be as a first port of call because you aren’t sure who you need to talk to, or you might want to discuss your choice of courses or dissertation topic next year, or you might be considering further study in philosophy. Or you might have general worries about speaking up in tutorials or giving presentations or your essay or exam performance.

Your academic advisor is also a good person to ask for a reference, since they will be able to look at information about your performance across all your philosophy courses (e.g. essay feedback sheets, attendance records, etc.). Basically we are here to help, so make use of us!