Student guidance and support

We are here when needed to offer help and advice.

Embarking on your time at University should be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience but when students encounter difficulties managing their academic work due to personal issues there is guidance available.

The Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Office (TLSEO) in the Departments of Law and Criminology or your Academic Advisor should be your first point of contact. The TLSEO are very familiar with the processes and requirements of programmes within the Department and will be able to advise and support you regarding regulations, staff availability, timetable, etc. Staff can advise you on options for managing any difficulties you may have and which University support services you should contact to obtain further more specialised and targeted help, if necessary.

For more information please visit the relevant programme area on Blackboard:

Disability support

A wide range of support is offered to students at The University of Manchester with disabilities. The University’s Disability Support Office provides learning support plans, ongoing support and guidance and access to useful resources, they can also liaise between you and your School.

Each Department/School also has a Disability Coordinator who is a point of contact for staff and students to discuss any disability issues. The Coordinator in the Departments of Law and Criminology are:

For undergraduate:

Sam Green
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 7551

For postgraduate:

Myra Knutton
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 7551 

University Counselling Service

A wide range of support services is available through the University Counselling Service, from psychotherapy to group workshops.

You can speak to a member of the Schools Student Support and Welfare Team if you’re interested in accessing the service, or contact them directly yourself. 

The Student Services Centre (SSC)

The Student Services Centre (SSC) at the University is a central point for information and advice for all home and international students.

The SSC provides a wide range of services including those related to:

  • Immigration
  • Examinations
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Sources of funding
  • Fee payment
  • Registration

Students’ Union Advice Service

You will most likely have applied for an NUS card when you registered at University but the National Union of Students is there for much more than discounts! 

The Students’ Union is independent of the University of Manchester and serves to support students in most facets of their personal and academic life.  Should you wish to seek advice separate from your University life you can contact an advisor.