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British Election Survey

The ESRC-funded British Election Study (BES) is hosted by a consortium led by The University of Manchester in collaboration with the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham.

It is one of the longest running election studies, focusing on why people vote and why they vote in the manner they do. You can find out more at the official BES website:

Revolt on the right

The British Election Study is one of the longest running election studies world-wide and is an invaluable resource for political scientists. It’s a great responsibility and privilege to oversee the direction of the study during such an interesting political period.

Professor Edward Fieldhouse / Professor of Social and Political Science

Dr Rob Ford’s research on the UK Independence Party has been recently published as Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain.

The research is based on analysis of over 100,000 voters and almost 6,000 UKIP supporters.

It finds that up to 30% of British voters are potentially receptive to UKIP, a party fuelled, they say, by a combination of Euroscepticism, hostility to immigration and intense dissatisfaction with the established political class.

Dr Robert Ford said: “UKIP are currently winning over one voter in ten but their potential far exceeds their current support in the polls and the party have the potential to grow further. This revolt has been a long time coming, but may have a long way to run".

Revolt on the Right: Investigating UKIP (2014) - full film

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