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School of Social Sciences

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Socially responsible graduates

We produce graduates who are skilled and knowledgeable workers who can exercise important ethical, social and environmental responsibilities.

Building awareness and skills

Our students will be invited to join in with many initiatives during their time with us.

Manchester Leadership Programme

The Manchester Leadership Programme combines academic study and volunteering to ensure students learn the importance of leadership that promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability and gain an insight into some of the key challenges facing 21st century society.

University College for Interdisciplinary Learning

Our University College for Interdisciplinary Learning encourages students to broaden their educational horizons by taking programmes outside of their discipline in areas of profound social importance.

Opportunities for engagement

Students can also access our dedicated student volunteering and community engagement team:

We're home to the UK's largest Students' Union, which encourages students to manage and participate in community focused projects.  This includes working with people of all ages, the homeless and educational bodies.

We also support students in setting up a social enterprise through funding and competitions.

Study abroad

Our students who spend a semester or year abroad:

  • broaden their horizons;
  • improve their language skills and become more culturally aware;
  • gain fresh perspectives on their subject area and on higher education.

Find out more about our Study abroad options for Social Anthropology students.

Any student on the BA Social Science pathway can apply for a semester abroad.