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Find out what you can do to get involved in environmental sustainability within SOSS. There are also a number of environmental sustainability student awards and competitions, such as:


Take a look at the statement of Emile Petraviciute, winner of the Environmental Sustainability PGT Dissertation Award 2022:

Emile Petraviciute

I am delighted to have my dissertation recognised by the SoSS Environmental Sustainability Award. In my dissertation, I explored the correlation between climate change and within-country income inequality and found a positive correlation between the two. My interests in political economy, society, and sustainability, which had been piqued throughout my studies, aided me in carrying an interdisciplinary approach to the research. It helped me to understand that the natural environment is intertwined with the structure and well-being of the communities in many different ways, and thus its analysis should not be focused on a single factor. I hope to see more importance put on multi-disciplinarity in the future research of the climate crisis, which we will inevitably face more and more in the years to come.

Emile Petraviciute / Winner Of The Environmental Sustainability PGT Dissertation Award 2022

Take a look at the statement of Alice Tucker, winner of the Environmental Sustainability PGT Dissertation Award 2021:

Alice Tucker

It is an honour to be a recipient of the Environmental Sustainability Award for my dissertation.

My research project explores whether the climate deals currently being forged by rich nations are contributing to climate injustices being experienced by members of the Global South. I decided to research this topic after researching the European Green Deal and noticing that whilst it discusses fairness and justice for European workers and businesses who will be impacted by the deal, claiming that they will leave "no one left behind", it made no mention of the non-Europeans who would be harmed by the deal.

Whilst the idea of global climate justice has become more well-known thanks to the recent criticisms of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, I hope that this field of research continues to grow and gain the attention it merits.

Alice Tucker / Winner Of The Environmental Sustainability PGT Dissertation Award 2021

Watch Joe Hilty's award winning video for the Environmental Sustainability Student Video Competition 2022:

This short film documents the inspirational work of Manchester-based food bank Keeping it Real 24/7. Organised and run by Wendy and her team of volunteers, this group gets together every Tuesday and Wednesday to distribute food to the local community of Moss-Side. Partially enabled by the introduction of a ‘community fridge’ provided by Hubbub, the group stores and shares surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, including donations from local food businesses, producers, households, and gardens. The work being done at Keeping it Real 24/7 is a key example of how to implement sustainable food practices in communities, addressing both food poverty and food waste with a single initiative.

Want to find out more?:

In the below award-winning video for the 2020/21 SoSS Environmental Sustainability Student Competition, Pooja Kishinani talks about Climate emotions and what resources are available to students thanks to Climate Emergency Manchester.


Check out the statement of Charlotte Beresford-Jones, winner of the Environmental Sustainability UG Dissertation Award 2021:

Charlotte Beresford-Jones

I was really excited to win this award and it was a huge encouragement after all the hard work I put into my dissertation. I chose to do my dissertation on zero waste lifestyles after learning about them and embarking on my own while a student at The University of Manchester. I wanted to learn more about how these lifestyles were experienced and the role that community played in facilitating them. Additionally, exploring the growing phenomena of zero-waste lifestyles and their endeavour to address plastic pollution appealed to me due to its relevance to the contemporary environmental crisis and that, thus far, zero waste lifestyles have been largely under-researched.

Charlotte Beresford-Jones / Winner of the Environmental Sustainability UG Dissertation Award 2021

The University of Manchester seeks student volunteers to get involved with environmental initiatives.

Volunteer Days have included:

  • Tree planting
  • Helping create community gardens
  • Delivering cultural activities in schools.