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Teaching assistants

Our graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) are highly valued members of our undergraduate teaching team.

Interested in joining us?

Make sure you get your application in before Friday 26 April 2019 at 12 noon GMT to be added to our ‘TA pool’.

Pool membership does not guarantee teaching hours. If you are successful in joining the pool, hours will be allocated towards the end of August / September.

About the role

If you are interested in applying you will need:

1. A first degree in a relevant subject
2. And be:

  • registered as a postgraduate research student at the University; or,
  • in possession of a postgraduate degree in a relevant subject area; or,
  • in possession of a relevant professional qualification.

You will need good presentation, communication, and analytical skills, and a thorough understanding of the kinds of issues undergraduates may face.

We expect a strong understanding and interest in the subjects being taught and a willingness to adhere to the University's teaching quality standards. In return we offer high quality training and support to help you in your career development.


Our rates of pay are at Grade 5. Your hourly rate of pay will increase with each continuous academic year of teaching.

The University of Manchester is committed to delivering outstanding learning and student experience. In the Faculty of Humanities, teaching assistants play an important role in the delivery of high quality teaching to undergraduates. TAs are treated as members of staff with respect to their teaching activities and are provided with training free of charge as part of their professional development. As this is a professional role there are minimum training requirements which must be met before teaching commences in October. This amounts to seven hours of online training and 9-12 hours of workshops delivered in Schools and discipline areas. The online units are designed to allow flexibility and TAs who already have teaching experience will find they take less time to complete. During the first semester of teaching TAs will receive up to three hours of online marking training and be expected to attend a two hour teaching development forum. 


The Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) supports you in documenting and evidencing your teaching excellence, and is an opportunity for you to receive a formal, national qualification for your teaching.

The programme is accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and can award associate, fellowship, senior and principal HEA Fellowships.

If you join LEAP you'll be assigned a mentor and a peer support group and will also have access to a range of online resources and optional support workshops.

For further information on LEAP, including how to apply, please visit the Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) page.

Teaching hours

Teaching assistant work being undertaken by a Humanities full-time PGR student must adhere to a maximum of 180 hours per academic year. 

180 hours, as detailed in the Humanities teaching assistant policy, is standard practice within Higher Education and the limit is intended to ensure that full-time PGR students have sufficient time to complete their PhD studies. 

In line with Faculty policy and The University of Manchester’s duty of care to PGR students to ensure submission of a high quality and timely thesis (see PGR Code of Practice) it is recommended that this 180 hours is not exceeded by Schools unless there are ‘emergency’ or ‘exceptional circumstances’.

First year PhD students - work allocation

Whilst we accept applications to the TA pool from all PGR students, please note that the School does not usually allocate work to first years. This is to allow new PhD students to focus on the first year of their PhD programme. However, in cases where work is allocated to new PhD students, it is especially important that permission is received from your supervisor to undertake the work.

How to apply

The deadline for applications to be added to the TA Pool is Friday, 26 April 2019 at 12 noon GMT. Please email your application to

Downloads and links

Find out more on the Faculty of Humanities Teaching Assistant Hub.