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More about the researchers, lecturers and honorary staff that make up our Sociology department.

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Head of Sociology

Professor Alice Bloch
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: intergenerational memory, family narratives of the Holocaust, forced migration, refugees, migration, undocumented migrants, second-generation refugees.

Deputy Head of Sociology

Dr Kevin Gillan
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: social movements, protest, neoliberalism, globalisation, corporations.

Teaching and research staff within Sociology

Professor Claire Alexander 
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity and identity, youth/gangs, migration/diaspora, south Asians/Muslims in Britain.

Dr Roaa Ali 
Research Associate (Cultural production and consumption)

Research specialisms:  race/ethnicity and identity, politics of representation, cultural production, Arab American drama/theatre, Islamophobia.

Dr Andrew Balmer 
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: secrecy, lying, lie detection, science and technology, dementia.

Dr Camille Bellet
Wellcome Trust Fellow

Public health, animal care, human-animal relations, digital technologies, precision farming.

Dr Elisa Bellotti
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: social network analysis, mixed methods, criminal networks, scientific networks, gender and social networks.

Dr Wendy Bottero
Reader in Sociology 

Research specialisms: inequalities, subjectivity, social identities, social practices, pragmatism and social inquiry.

Dr Tine Buffel
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: ageing and urbanism, social exclusion/inequality, neighbourhood and community, co-production and participatory research methods, age-friendly communities.

Professor Bridget Byrne
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, class, citizenship, gender, nation.

Professor Nick Crossley
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: social networks, culture, relational sociology, music, embodiment.

Professor Fiona Devine
Director of Alliance Manchester Business School and Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: social stratification and mobility, politics and participation, space mobility and lifestyles, gender, work and family.

Dr Patricia Doran
Research Associate

Research specialisms: ageing and urbanisation, social exclusion and inequality, health, lifecourse, age-friendly communities.

Dr Gemma Edwards
Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Undergraduate Director

Research specialisms: social movements, protest, social networks, participation, historical sociology.

Professor Martin Everett
Chair in Network Analysis, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: social networks, analytical sociology, methodology, new media.

Dr Simin Fadaee
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: social movements and activism, environmentalism and environmental politics, global south, inequality.

Professor Colette Fagan
Professor of Sociology and University of Manchester Vice-President for Research, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: gender, work and care; employment, job quality and working conditions; international comparative analysis.

Mr James Fletcher
Research Associate

Research specialisms: Gerontology, dementia, ageing, cognition, disability, mental health.

Dr Matthijs Gardenier
Newton International Fellow

Research specialisms: social movements, vigilantism, anti-migrant groups, security studies. 

Dr Maria Haarmans
Research Associate

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, intersectional inequalities, co-production and participatory research methods, gender, mental health.

Dr Scarlet Harris
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 'Anti-racism in Crisis: exploring (anti-) racism, Islamophobia, and social movements in contemporary Britain'

Research specialisms: State racisms, policing, nationalism, anti-racism.

Professor Brian Heaphy
Professor of Sociology

Research specialisms: sexualities, gender, personal life, social change.

Professor Sue Heath
Professor in Sociology and Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: housing, home, shared living, intergenerational relations, creative methods.

Dr Ivette Hernandez Santibanez
Lecturer in Sociology

Dr James Hodgson
Research Associate

Research specialisms: sexualities, queer visual culture, social isolation and aloneness.

Dr Helen Holmes
Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: materiality, everyday, sociology of consumption, temporality, creative methods.

Dr Remi Joseph-Salisbury
Presidential Fellow

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, (anti-)racisms, mixedness, education, decoloniality.

Dr Dharmi Kapadia
Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, mental illness, mental health services, stigma, advanced quantitative methods.

Professor Graeme Kirkpatrick
Professor of Social and Cultural Theory

Research specialisms: technology, aesthetics, culture, games, art.

Dr James Laurence
ESRC Research Fellow

Research specialisms: ethnic diversity and immigration, social cohesion, social and civic engagement, inter-group relations, macro/micro-economic hardships.

Professor Yaojun Li
Professor of Sociology

Research specialisms: social mobility and stratification, ethnic integration, socio-economic inequalities, international comparison, social capital.

Dr Jess Mancuso
Lecturer in Sociology

Professor Vanessa May
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: belonging, self, temporality, ageing, families.

Dr Peter McMylor
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: social theory, morality, ethics, sociology of intellectuals, marxism, sociology of religion, political religions, cultural identity, historical/comparative/civilizational sociology, economic sociology.

Dr Robert Meckin
Presidential Fellow

Biotechnology, automation, robotics, interdisciplinarity, responsible innovation, science and emerging technologies.

Professor Andrew Miles
Professor of Sociology

Research specialisms: social class, cultural participation and policy, social mobility, inequalities, mixed methods research.

Dr Nadim Mirshak
Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: authoritarianism, sociology of education, political sociology, state-civil society relations, social movements and alternative resistance.

Professor James Nazroo
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the British Academy, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: inequality, race/ethnicity, ageing, health, mental health.

Dr Richie Nimmo
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: animals and human-animal relations, Actor-Network Theory (ANT), posthumanism and biopolitics, environmental sociology, historical and archive methods.

Dr Petra Nordqvist
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: gender, sexuality, kinship, family relationalities, reproductive donation.

Dr Filippo Oncini
Marie Curie Fellow

Research specialisms: food consumption, cultural stratification, social inequalities, social class, health stratification, school meals

Dr James Pattison
ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Research specialisms: territorial stigma, precarious work, migration and race/class identities and political subjectivities.

Professor Christopher Phillipson
Professor of Sociology and Social Gerontology

Research specialisms: ageing societies, age-friendly cities, work and retirement, urban sociology, social policy.

Dr Elisa Pieri
Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: security and biopolitics, pandemics, Science and Technology Studies (STS), urban sociology, media and discourse.

Professor Hilary Pilkington
Professor of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: youth, social activism, extremism, post-socialist societies, comparative qualitative research methods.

Professor Debora Price
Professor of Social Gerontology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: ageing and ageing societies, pensions and finance over the lifecourse, poverty and inequality in later life, gender, couples and families across the lifecourse.

Dr David Schoch
Presidential Fellow

Research specialisms: social network analysis, network science, computational social science, network centrality, social stratification.

Dr Paul Simpson
Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Nicholas Thoburn
Reader in Sociology

Research specialisms: publishing and the book, Marx, Marxism and Communism, social housing and architecture, social and political theory, material text.

Professor Penny Tinkler
Professor of Sociology and History

Research specialisms: gender history, girlhood, life-course, creative and photographic methods, memory.

Dr Meghan Tinsley
Presidential Fellow

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, nationalism, postcolonial theory, collective memory, cultural production.

Cedomir (Miro) Vuckovic
Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Daniel Welch

Research specialisms: consumption, sustainability, practices, social theory, culture.

Professor Sophie Woodward
Professor in Sociology

Research specialisms: materiality, gender, consumption, fashion, creative methods.

Dr Luke Yates
Lecturer in Sociology

Research specialisms: social movements, protest, consumption, practices, sharing.

Professor Gary Younge
Professor in Sociology, Honorary Fellow of the British Academy, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: social movements (especially the civil rights movement), inequality, race, immigration, identity and politics.

Honorary staff

Prof Janeen Baxter
Honorary Hallsworth Visiting Professor

Prof Philip Cerny
Emeritus Professor

Dr Katherine Davies
Honorary Fellow, Morgan Centre

Professor Dame Janet Finch
Honorary Professor, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Leah Gilman

Honorary Research Fellow

Research specialisms: family and personal life, reproductive technologies, sociology of donation.

Prof Peter Halfpenny
Emeritus Professor

Dr Bethan Harries
Honorary Research Fellow

Prof Clare Holdsworth
Honorary Professor

Dr Keekok Lee
Honorary Research Fellow (Sociology)

Dr Laurence Lessard-Phillips
Honorary Research Fellow (Sociology)

Dr Camilla Lewis
Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Jennifer Mason
Honorary Professor of Sociology, Fellow of The British Academy

Research specialisms: personal life, affinities, socio-atmospherics, qualitative methods, mixed methods.

Professor David Morgan
Emeritus Professor of Sociology

View David Morgan's memorial page.

Dr Helen Norman
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Tugba Aydin Ozturk
Honorary Research Fellow

Research specialisms: sociology of music, media, culture and technology, social networks and social capital, semiology, gender, music and art policy.

Professor William Sharrock
Professor of Sociology

Research specialisms: choice, rules, analytic sociology, experimental philosophy, computerised visualisations in astrophysics research.

Professor Carol Smart
Professor Emerita, Morgan Centre, and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Djordje Sredanovic
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Nina Teasdale
Honorary Research Associate

Dr Bram Vanhoutte
Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Alan Warde
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Research specialisms: consumption, food and eating, culture, stratification, sustainability.

Prof Mark Western
Honorary Hallsworth Visiting Professor