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PhD student talking with supervisor in Arthur Lewis building

Finding a supervisor

As a student you will have two supervisors in order to cover sufficient specialism and a variety of skills and expertise within your research project.

Our varied research interests allow us to offer postgraduate research supervision in a wide variety of topics and regions.

Our supervisors work across a range of sociology research areas, specialisms include:

  • Social divisions and inequalities
  • Social ties, networks and social movements
  • Personal life and everyday lives
  • Cultural practices, consumption and sustainability
  • Census and survey research
  • Innovations in qualitative and mixed methodologies

Explore our key research themes below and the staff who work within these, then click through to see their individual interests and what they would be keen to supervise. 

Research themes 

Data and methods

Morgan Centre supervisors  

Research specialisms: secrecy, lying, lie detection, science and technology, dementia.

Research specialisms: sexualities, gender, personal life, social change.

Research specialisms: housing, home, shared living, intergenerational relations, creative methods.

Research specialisms: personal life, affinities, socio-atmospherics, qualitative methods, mixed methods.

Research specialisms: belonging, self, temporality, ageing, families.

Research specialisms: gender, sexuality, kinship, family relationalities, reproductive donation.

Research specialisms: materiality, gender, consumption, fashion, creative methods.


Mitchell Centre supervisors 

Research specialisms: social network analysis, mixed methods, criminal networks, scientific networks, gender and social networks.

Research specialisms: social networks, culture, relational sociology, music, embodiment.

Research specialisms: social networks, analytical sociology, methodology, new media.

Research specialisms: social network analysis, network science, computational social science, network centrality, social stratification.


Elections, participation and governance

Research specialisms: youth, social activism, extremism, post-socialist societies, comparative qualitative research methods.

Population change and ageing

Research specialisms: ageing and urbanism, social exclusion/inequality, neighbourhood and community, co-production and participatory research methods, age-friendly communities.

Research specialisms: ageing societies, age-friendly cities, work and retirement, urban sociology, social policy.

Research specialisms: ageing and ageing societies, pensions and finance over the lifecourse, poverty and inequality in later life, gender, couples and families across the lifecourse.

Global inequalities

Research specialisms: forced migration, refugees, migration, undocumented migrants, second-generation refugees.

Research specialisms: inequalities, subjectivity, social identities, social practices, pragmatism and social inquiry.

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, class, citizenship, gender, nation.

Research specialisms: social movements and activism, environmentalism and environmental politics, global south, inequality.

Research specialisms: gender, work and care; employment, job quality and working conditions; international comparative analysis.

Research specialisms: social movements, protest, neoliberalism, globalisation, corporations.

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, (anti-)racisms, mixedness, education, decoloniality.

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, mental illness, mental health services, stigma, advanced quantitative methods.

Research specialisms: social mobility and stratification, ethnic integration, socio-economic inequalities, international comparison, social capital.

Research specialisms: social class, cultural participation and policy, social mobility, inequalities, mixed methods research.

Research specialisms: inequality, race/ethnicity, ageing, health, mental health.

Research specialisms: racism and ethnicity, urban depopulation and deindustrialisation, urban inequalities.

Research specialisms: publishing and the book, Marx, Marxism and Communism, social housing and architecture, social and political theory, material text.

Research specialisms: race/ethnicity, nationalism, postcolonial theory, collective memory, cultural production.

Sustainable practices and climate change

Research specialisms: materiality, everyday, sociology of consumption, temporality, creative methods.

Research specialisms: consumption, environment, sustainability, culture, comparative research.

Research specialisms: animals and human-animal relations, Actor-Network Theory (ANT), posthumanism and biopolitics, environmental sociology, historical and archive methods.

Research specialisms: consumption, food and eating, culture, stratification, sustainability.

Research specialisms: consumption, sustainability, practices, social theory, economic sociology.

Research specialisms: social movements, protest, consumption, practices, sharing.