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Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives

Professor David Morgan

Emeritus Professor

The Morgan Centre is named after David Morgan in order to celebrate his life-long commitment and contribution to the sociology of families and relationships.

David taught in the Sociology department at The University of Manchester for almost 35 years. Since retiring he holds an Emeritus Professorship at Manchester together with visiting Professorships at Keele University and NTNU, Trondheim.

His main interests have been family sociology (with a particular emphasis on family theory), gender and especially men and masculinities and auto/biographical studies.


  • Social Theory and the Family (Routledge 1975)
  • The Family, Politics and Social Theory (Routledge 1985)
  • Discovering Men (Routledge 1992)
  • Family Connections (Polity 1996),
  • Gender, Bodies and Work (Ashgate 2005) with Berit Brandth & Elin Kvande (eds)
  • Transitions in Context: Leaving Home, Independence and Adulthood (Open University Press, 2005) with Clare Holdsworth.

Journals and collections

He has also published in a variety of learned journals and edited collections. He has been an active member of the British Sociological Association where he has served a term as President and has, with Liz Stanley, edited the Association’s journal, Sociology. He is currently exploring the idea of 'acquaintanceship'.

See Acquaintances: The Space Between Intimates and Strangers, Morgan, D.H (2009) Open University Press on Amazon UK.