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Tine Buffel from Sociology at Manchester

Impact case studies

The Sociology department’s research addresses some of the major challenges facing the UK and the world.

Real impact - case studies

Age-friendly neighbourhoods

Research on age-friendly cities, undertaken at the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA), is committed to engaging directly with the views and concerns of older residents.

Stimulating sustainable consumption in Scotland

Another case study describes a landmark research report that was commissioned by the Scottish Government, which presented practical guidance and an evidence-based framework for considering behaviour change in light of academic perspectives on ‘social practices’.

Informing international employment policies for gender equality

Elsewhere, our research on gender inequalities informs employment policies and key debates around ‘working-time’, ‘work-life balance.’ and working conditions more broadly.

Culture, class and participation

Our research also challenges orthodox models of social stratification and inequality and demonstrates that cultural processes are not simply the products of social class divisions.

Challenging policy debates on ethnic inequalities in health

Our work on ethnic inequalities in health has challenged and shifted dominant policy understandings in this area.