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Past PhD students

Read about some of our Sociology postgraduate research students who graduated recently.

Graduated 2018

  • Jonathan Leif Basilio - 'Resisting the Evil Eye: US Technopolitics of Exclusion and Moral Economies of Public Resistance'
  • Laura Fenton - 'Practices of Learning, Earning and Intimacy in Women's Drinking Biographies' 
  • Emma Fraser - 'Self and Ruin: Imagining the end of the city'
  • Tom Redshaw - 'Radical Technologies'
  • Denisse Sepulveda Sanchez - 'Negotiating being Mapuche and Middle-class: The Experiences of Social Mobility of the Mapuche Indigenous People in Chile'
  • William Shankley - 'Changing Geographies of Ethnic Diversity in Britain'
  • Matteo Tiratelli - 'Rioting and time: Collective violence in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, 1800-1939'
  • Kunnaya Wimooktanon - 'An Examination of the Socio-Cultural reintegration of foreign-educated high SES Bangkokians'