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Past PhD students

Read about some of our Sociology postgraduate research students who graduated in recent years.

Graduated 2016

Mustafa Arun - A Sociological Application of Sen's Capability Approach to (Dis)advantages in Turkey  

Gagunjoat Chhina - The Emergence of Video Gaming in India 

Ajmal Hussain - Muslims in the Metropolis: and ethnographic study of Muslim-making in a 21st century British city 

Gwyneth Lonergan - The impact of local geographies on migrant women’s activism: A comparative study of Manchester and Sheffield

Adi Moreno - CROSSING BORDERS:Remaking Gay Fatherhood in the Global Market 

Rachel Stevenson - Secrecy and structure: the social organisation of clandestine groups

Graduated 2015

Medina Aitieva - The Transnational Family:  An Ethnography of Livelihoods

Ulrike Flader - 'Struggle for a liveable life: Everyday resistance among the Kurdish population in Turkey'

Sarah Webster - Protest Activity in the British Student Movement, 1945 to 2011

Yimei Zhu - 'Are the new forms of scholarly communication the pathway to open science?'

Graduated 2014

Elisa Pieri - 'Urban futures: How security and aspirations to cosmopolitanism reconfigure the city centre'

Lydia Reid - 'Religion and Modernity'

Ghalia Sarmani - 'The role of religious institutions in constructing minorities' religious identity: Muslim minorities in non-Muslim society. Case Study of the Manchester Islamic Centre'

Em Temple-Malt - 'After the Act: Narratives of Display and the Significance of Civil Partnership'

Sivamohan Valluvan - 'Integration Reconsidered: A study of Multi-ethnic Lives in Two Post-Integration Cities'

Graduated 2013

Ashley Brown - '"I Like a Little Story with my Smut": Sexual expression, rules, and friendships in online and tabletop erotic role play'

Philip Brooker - 'Computerised research technologies in practical research settings'

Fatima Maria de Jesus da Assuncao - On becoming self-employed: Gender, class and entrepreneurship in Portugal

Carina Giorgi - 'Gender and migration: Armenian women's experiences 1990 to 2010'

Irmak Karademir - 'Class Distinction on the Dressed Body: A Case study on the Turkish Middle Class'

Svetoslav Nenov - 'Archaeology of terror'

Joshua Richards - 'Shared houses, shared lives: Privacy, intimacy and self-disclosure and their role in the negotiation of relationships in houses of multiple occupation'

Leonidas Tsilipakos - 'The significance of Wittgensteinian and ordinary language philosophy for sociology's conceptual problems'

Daniel Welch - 'Understanding the commercial field of sustainability communications'