Past PhD students

Recently graduated Sociology postgraduate research students.

Graduated in 2022

  • Barbora Cernusakova
  • Hannah Haycox
  • Francisca Ortiz

Graduated in 2021

  • Alejandro Espinosa-Rada - A Network Approach for the Sociological Study of Science and Knowledge: Modelling a Dynamic Multilevel Network
  • Natalie-Anne Hall - Understanding social media use of non-digital natives on political topics. 
  • Dorottya Hoor - Reconceptualising return migration: A study of the personal networks of Hungarian return migrants. 
  • Ema Johnson - Alternative models of food provisioning systems and their capacity to transition a more sustainable food system
  • Rachel Katz - "Grinding their gears?" Effects of "Grindr tourism" on local LGBT+ communities in Israel.
  • Anh-Susann Pham Thi - Vietnam between activism and oppression: Analysing and developing (new) forms of protest in a post-Socialist context.
  • Maisie Tomlinson - "Critical anthropomorphism" and multi-species ethnography: an investigation into animal behaviour expertise.
  • Yun Tong Tang - An effective and spatial understanding of political culture: Analysis of the impacts of emotion management on the pro-democracy movement of Hong Kong, 2003-2016.
  • Alexandrina Vanke - Working-class life and struggle in post-Soviet Russia

Graduated in 2020

  • Lewis Bassett-Yerrell - Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party: The political economy of populism and the return of state-centred fantasies. 
  • Jaime Garcia Iglesias - Viral fantasies: exploring bugchasing, the eroticisation of HIV, the PrEP and the internet.
  • Patrick Gould - How do supermarkets mediate attitudes towards environmental considerations in food purchases? The case of fresh produce waste. 
  • Dieuwertje Huijg - Intersectional agency: A theoretical exploration of agency at the junction of social categories and power, based on conversations with racially privileged feminist activists from Sao Paolo.
  • Chung Yan Priscilla Kam - The dynamics of national identity construction in postcolonial Hong Kong.
  • Wai Lau - The Japanese civilising process.
  • Jessia Mancuso - Sapphic space scarcity: How space and place affect subculture visibility.
  • Neta Yodovich - "Does that make me a bad feminist?" - Feminist fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Graduated in 2019

  • Charlotte Branchu - 'Bruised and battered: The lived bodily experience of women rugby players and the rugby world'
  • Ulrike Ehgartner'Environmentally and socially responsible consumption? A study on the discursive construction of values towards sustainability'
  • Deborah Giustini - 'Towards a sociology of interpreting. Bourdieu's influence in conceptualising a sociology of interpreting'
  • Steffen Hirth - 'Relational geographies of food as areas of conflict between private affairs and political issues: Spatial and social localisations of responsibility in "sustainable" food discourses and practices'
  • Hayley James - 'Connecting policy with the personal: UK pension reforms and individual financial decision making'
  • Justine Karpusheff - 'Creative approaches to mental health care: Exploring the value'
  • Rohini Rai - Cultures and appearances: A study of racism and discrimination against the university students from North-East India in Delhi.
  • Samuele Remillard-Boilard - Developing age-friendly cities: A cross-national perspective
  • Isaac Ali Siles Barcenas - 'Mormon men masculinity: a qualitative analysis of religious normativity, secular representations of masculinity and their influence in males subjectivity'
  • Jingran Yu - Transnational media, new strategy? Rethinking Chinese students' widening participation in UK higher education.