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Past PhD students

Read about some of our Sociology postgraduate research students who graduated in recent years.

Graduated 2018

  • Jonathan Leif Basilio - 'Resisting the Evil Eye: US Technopolitics of Exclusion and Moral Economies of Public Resistance'
  • Laura Fenton - 'Practices of Learning, Earning and Intimacy in Women's Drinking Biographies' 
  • Emma Fraser - 'Self and Ruin: Imagining the end of the city'
  • Tom Redshaw - 'Radical Technologies'
  • Denisse Sepulveda Sanchez - 'Negotiating being Mapuche and Middle-class: The Experiences of Social Mobility of the Mapuche Indigenous People in Chile'
  • William Shankley - 'Changing Geographies of Ethnic Diversity in Britain'
  • Matteo Tiratelli - 'Rioting and time: Collective violence in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, 1800-1939'
  • Kunnaya Wimooktanon - 'An Examination of the Socio-Cultural reintegration of foreign-educated high SES Bangkokians'

Graduated 2017

  • Kelly Bogue - 'Precarious Social Housing: Reforming Policy, Changing Culture. An Ethnographic Case Study of the Impact of the 'Bedroom Tax''
  • Chiara Broccatelli - 'Going Beyond Secrecy: Methodological Advances for Two-mode Temporal Criminal Networks with Social Network Analysis'
  • Karis Campion - 'Caught in the Hype: An Insight in to the Narratives and Identifications of Mixed Heritage People in Periods of Social Unrest'
  • Rachel Emms - 'Heavy Metal Live; Exploring an Industry in Crisis'
  • Aimee Harragan - 'Political Engagement among Young People in Manchester'
  • Sebastian Juhnke - 'Locating the Creative Class: Diversity and Urban Change in London and Berlin'
  • Pete Lampard - 'Social Movements, Popular Culture and the Guy Fawkes Mask'
  • Andrea Lizama Loyola - 'Aspirations and practices of consumption as social mobility trajectories. A comparative perspective of the Latin American middle classes'
  • Alejandro Marambio-Tapia - 'The retail-banking expansion in Chile and the "democratisation" of credit: juggling with cards, aspirations, and moralities'
  • James Matthews - 'Organising Radical Spaces: Occupy the London Stock Exchange and the new Global Politics of Occupation'
  • Kirsty Morrin -  ''Business as Usual?': Aspirations, social mobility and entrepreneurship in a North West academy'
  • Chinelo Njaka - 'Mixed race experience in the United States and Britain: a Comparative Study'
  • Susan Oman - 'All being well: cultures of participation and the cult of measurement'

Graduated 2016

  • Mustafa Arun - A Sociological Application of Sen's Capability Approach to (Dis)advantages in Turkey  
  • Gagunjoat Chhina - The Emergence of Video Gaming in India 
  • Ajmal Hussain - Muslims in the Metropolis: and ethnographic study of Muslim-making in a 21st century British city 
  • Gwyneth Lonergan - The impact of local geographies on migrant women’s activism: A comparative study of Manchester and Sheffield
  • Adi Moreno - Crossing Border:Remaking Gay Fatherhood in the Global Market 
  • Samantha Outhwaite - 'The Social Life of British Organic Biodynamic Wheat: Biopolitics, Biopower & Governance'
  • Rachel Stevenson - Secrecy and structure: the social organisation of clandestine groups
  • Feng Zhu - 'Computer Games: The Implied Player and the Simulational Construction of Subjectivity'