Current PhD students

NameThesis Title
Sugandha Agarwal Resilience among women Rohingya refugees in India.
Abbey Atkinson Women's progression to senior management in the UK insurance market
Thomas Bosak Potent connections with celestial bodies: Belonging to humanity and the meanings of astral objects in everyday life.
Lauren Bramley Graduate Outcomes for Widening Participation Students
Thomas Chadwick Privilege in pain: Male vulnerability in gender politics. 
Chi-ting Chuang

Negotiating filial responsibilities and relationships with ageing parents: the case of married gay and lesbian couples

Ashley Collar

The Bees Still Buzz: Reviving Resilience and ‘Mancunian Spirit’ in Post-Terror Communities

Alexus Davis Mapping violence in maternal care: An examination of the intersections of systematic violence and birth violence on obstetric care outcomes. 
Dominic Deane DIY scenes in West Yorkshire: Independent music in post-industrial Leeds and Bradford. 
Deniz Diler The Biopolitics of Industrial Chicken: Accumulation, Health and Disease in Capitalist Poultry Production
Lin Ding Gender and class differences in the family investment in creative behaviour: a study of social reproduction of creativity in rural China. 
Julia Enneoka  Mixed heritage, ethnic/'racial' and cultural identity and placement matching in fostering and adoption policy, practice and service delivery.
Yu Feng Insecurity and Anxiety of the new Chinese Middle Class
Daniela Fazio Vargas Experiencing a Song: the Political and Aesthetic Possibilities of Art
Kristian Fuzi Precarious employment and pension planning. 
Martin Greenwood Postcapitalism and the Post Office: The role of public services in utopian futures
Ryan Harries Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Practice
Tess Hartland  Urbanisation and population ageing: Interdisciplinary perspectives on ageing in place in cities
Yannan He  Parental Networks in Schools in China
Hannah Gregson A qualitative investigation into the long term impacts of trans-vaginal mesh complications. 
Madiha Khan Education and identity dynamics in a conflict zone.
Aleksandr Lange Dating, love, and subjectivity in the age of digital capitalism
Manuela Latchoumaya

French Citizens of Indian Descent: Resisting Invisibility and Claiming Space in Hexagonal France Through the Creation of Diasporic Identities

Jianyu Li

A qualitative study of sibling relations in Chinese urban families after the change of population policy

Xin Li The Digital Pathways and Transformation of Chinese Cities in the Short-video Era: A TikTok Case Study
Liu Xiyuan Education subsidy, urban-rural division and migrant students in China.
Subrata Kumar Mallick

Stigma, Family Life and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Perspectives from Parents in Bangladesh

Hala Marshood

Race, Racial Capitalism and Settler Colonialism: The Case of the May 2021 Palestinian Uprising

Kim McFalone A culture of silence: Lived experiences of rape culture in the everyday lives of Northern Irish women
Thabiso Mokokwane The Nexus of Culture and Ecology in Sustainability
Morgan Powell Within and against precarisation: Forms of mobilisation and resistance amongst workers in the UK's gig economy.
Mauricio Renteria Gonzales The Colour of Social Mobility: The cultural and racial imprints of ascending trajectories within the Peruvian upper class
Joana Salles Urbanisation and population ageing: Interdisciplinary perspectives on ageing in place in cities
Manish Sen Negotiating ethnicity and sexuality: The experiences of British South Asian young gay, bi, and queer men
Shan Shi  The Persistence of Chinese Alternative Rock: A Social Network Analysis of BADHEAD 1999-2023
Lucie Slamova Radical Left in Central and Eastern Europe:  Challenges and Opportunities
Tetyana Solovey Disgust to repair. Affects and worn clothes through fashion upcycling practice  
Jamie Stevenson In the shadow of Grenfell: Residents, representations and social housing in London. 
Alice Swift What is the role of infrastructure and social reproduction within the British and German direct action protest camp environmental movements?
Wenxi Tang  Interrogating social inequalities:  family conditions, educational attainment and career outcomes in China
Miriam Tenquist The Age friendly movement policy in Manchester:Sustainable changes to Active Ageing: A longitudinal study
Ryan Wattam Working-class subculture and aspiration. 
Arsène Werlen Trans experiences of care and identity on contemporary Mancunian clubbing scenes
Jonas Weselake-George Transforming cultural appropriation discourses through Cree and Anishinaabe traditions
Peter White How has the withdrawal of the NHS bursary impacted the rate of enrolment of students with widening participation characteristics into nursing education in the UK?
Pippa Winship Ageing in Place in neighbourhoods undergoing urban regeneration: participatory approaches for diverse groups 
Yongyi Wu

Digital divide between urban youths and rural youths in china

Linqing Xia

Sustainable Consumption in Relation to China's Consumer Culture

Lidia Yáñez Lagos

Understanding the role of individual responses to repression in regimes characterised by systematic state violence: Theoretical contributions from the "Chile Desperto" movement case

Menglu Zhang The consequences of using social media and internet upon the academic performance of left-behind children in China.
Ernestina Zhu (Xinyi) Non-fungible Tokens and Digital Identity in Virtual and Reality Interaction
Hai Zhu Organised Crime and Civil Society: a mutual neglect