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Current PhD students

Find out what some of our postgraduate researchers are working on.

  • Jonathan Leif Basilio - 'Resisting the Evil Eye: US Technopolitics of Exclusion and Moral Economies of Public Resistance'
  • Lewis Bassett-Yerrell - 'Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party: the political economy of populism and the return of state-centred strategies'
  • Rashida Bibi - 'Balancing the books: Life experiences of mature British Muslim South Asian women in education: negotiating cultural and religious spheres to access education'
  • Jo Bratley - 'Grow Your Own Gardening Practices and Sustainable Consumption in the UK'
  • Charlotte Branchu - "Bruised and Battered: The Lived Bodily Experience of Women Rugby Players and the ‘Rugby World"
  • Barbora Cernusakova - 'Collective action of Roma in Czech Republic: Revival of class consciousness?'
  • Dominic Deane - 'DIY Scenes in West Yorkshire: Independent Music in Post-industrial Leeds and Bradford'
  • Ulrike Ehgartner - 'Environmentally and socially responsible consumption? A study on the discursive construction of values towards sustainability'
  • Julia Enneoka - 'Mixed Heritage, Ethnic/"Racial" and Cultural Identity and Placement Matching in Fostering and Adoption Policy, Practice and Service Delivery'
  • Alejandro Espinosa-Rada - “Unifying the Frame of the Matthew Effect:  A Multilevel Longitudinal Social Network Analysis."
  • Laura Fenton - 'Women and alcohol in postwar and contemporary Britain: A multi-generational study of women's drinking biographies'
  • Jaime Garcia-Iglesias - 'Real Pleasure, Real Risk: a philosophical and sociological perspective on men who have unsafe sex with men with the intent of contracting HIV'
  • Deborah Giustini - 'Towards a Sociology of Interpreting. Bourdieu's influence in conceptualizing a sociology of Interpreting'
  • Patrick Gould - 'How do supermarkets mediate attitudes towards environmental considerations in food purchases? The case of fresh produce waste'
  • Natalie-Anne Hall - 'Understanding social media use of non-digital natives on political topics'
  • Hannah Haycox – 'Integration experiences of Syrian refugee families resettled in the UK'
  • Georgia Hibbert - 'The relational and moral aspects involved in social egg freezing'
  • Steffen Hirth - 'Relational geographies of food as areas of conflict between private affairs and political issues:  spatial and social localisations of responsibility in "sustainable" food discourses and practices'
  • Dorottya Hoór - 'Reconceptualising Return Migration: A study of the personal networks of Hungarian return migrants'
  • Dieuwertje Dyi Huijg - 'Young Feminism and Activist Agency in São Paulo: an intersectional approach to phenomenological action research'
  • Hayley James - 'Connecting policy with the personal: UK pension reforms and individual financial decision making'
  • Ema Johnson - 'Alternative Models Of Food Provisioning Systems and Their Capacity To Transition A More Sustainable Food System'
  • Chung Yan Priscilla Kam - 'The dynamics of national identity construction in postcolonial Hong Kong'
  • Justine Karpusheff - 'Creative Approaches to Mental Health Care: exploring the value'
  • Rachel Katz - 'Grinding their Gears? Effects of 'Grindr Tourism' on local LGBT+ Communities in Israel'
  • Niamh Kavanagh - 'Exploring Salford’s working-class experiences of gentrification-induced displacement'
  • Matko Krce-Ivancic 
  • Wai Lau - 'The Japanese Civilising Process'
  • Jessica Mancuso - 'Thesis working title – Sapphic Space Scarcity: How Space & Place Affect Subculture Visibility'
  • Susanne Martikke - 'From impact to relationships: Voluntary sector organisations in a changing environment
  • Anh-Susann Pham Thi - 'Vietnam Between Activism and Oppression: Analysing and Developing (New) Forms of Protest in a Post-Socialist Context'
  • Rohini Rai - Cultures and Appearances: A Study of Racism and Discrimination against the University Students from North-East India in Delhi
  • Mahwish Rana - 'Friendship and Dementia: A Critical Approach'
  • Samuele Remillard-Boilard - 'Developing Age-Friendly Cities: A cross-national perspective'
  • Denisse Sepulveda Sanchez - 'The social mobility experiences of Mapuche indigenous people'
  • Isaac Ali Siles Barcenas - 'Mormon men masculinity: qualitative analysis of religious normativity, secular representations of masculinity and their influence in males subjectivity'
  • Daryl Sweet - 'An ego network framework for personal recovery from severe mental illness; a mixed methods social network analysis'
  • Yun Tong Tang - 'An Affective and Spatial Understanding of Political Culture: Analysis of the Impacts of Emotion Management on Pro-democracy Movement of Hong Kong, 2003 – 2016'
  • Matteo Tiratelli - 'Four Days in August: The Situational Dynamics of Rioting in London in 2011'
  • Maisie Tomlinson - ''Critical anthropomorphism' and multi-species ethnography: an investigation into animal behaviour expertise'
  • Alexandrina Vanke - 'Working-Class Life and Struggle in Post-Soviet Russia'
  • Neta Yodovich - '"Does that make me a Bad Feminist?" - Feminist Fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy'
  • Jingran Yu - 'Transnational Media, New Strategy? Rethinking Chinese Students¿ Widening Participation in UK Higher Education'