Current PhD students

Find out what some of our postgraduate researchers are working on.

NameThesis Title
Sophie Atherton 'A sex (and gender) education: an enquiry into transgender individuals' experiences of secondary education in the UK and provisions for the future'.
Lewis Bassett-Yerrell  'Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party: The political economy of populism and the return of state-centred strategies'.
Tiba Bonyad 'Gendering biopolitical subjects: Lived experiences of Iranian women with assisted reproductive technologies'.
Jo Bratley 'Grow your own gardening practices and sustainable consumption in the UK'.
Joshua Bunting 'Identity and the 2010-11 student movement: Formation, abeyance and evolution'.
Barbara Cernusakova 'Collective action of Roma in the Czech Republic: Revival of class consciousness'.
Natalie Cotterell 'Growing old in the city: Developing policies and practices to tackle social isolation amongst people aged 50 years and older'. 
Alexus Davis 'Mapping violence in maternal care: An examination of the intersections of systematic violence and birth violence on obstetric care outcomes'. 
Dominic Deane 'DIY scenes in West Yorkshire: Independent music in post-industrial Leeds and Bradford'. 
Mariana Dias '"Feeling at home" in migratory contexts: The experiences of Portuguese women in the UK'. 
David Dobson 'Professionalism and sexuality: The wide-reaching implications of a gay-friendly white-collar workplace on the lesbian and gay community'.
Sijia Du 'Social ties, type of resources and status attainment'. 
Julia Enneoka  'Mixed heritage, ethnic/'racial' and cultural identity and placement matching in fostering and adoption policy, practice and service delivery'.
Alejandro Espinosa-Rada 'Unifying the frame of the Matthew Effect: A multilevel longitudinal social network analysis'.
Christopher Fardan 'Examining shifts in political talk from the margins to the mainstream'.
Vanessa Fernandes 'Social inequality in access to university education in England'. 
Yongxuan Fu 'Space and sociological theory of modernity'. 
Kristian Fuzi 'Precarious employment and pension planning'. 
Jaime Garcia-Iglesias 'Viral fantasies: exploring bugchasing, the eroticisation of HIV, through PrEP and the internet'. 
Patrick Gould  'How do supermarkets mediate attitudes towards environmental considerations in food purchases? The case of fresh produce waste'.
Martin Greenwood 'Postcapitalism and the Post Office: The role of public services in radical futures'. 
Natalie-Anne Hall 'Understanding social media use of non-digital natives on political topics'.
Hannah Haycox  'Integration experiences of Syrian refugee families resettled in the UK'. 
Georgia Hibbert 'The relational and moral aspects involved in social egg freezing'.
Hannah Gregson 'A qualitative investigation into the long term impacts of trans-vaginal mesh complications'. 
Dorottya Hoór  'Reconceptualising return migration: A study of the personal networks of Hungarian return migrants'.
Dieuwertje Huijg 'Intersectional agency: A theoretical exploration of agency at the junction of social categories and power, based on conversations with racially privileged feminist activists from São Paulo, Brazil'. 
Ema Johnson 'Alternative models of food provisioning systems and their capacity to transition a more sustainable food system'. 
Chung Yan Priscilla Kam 'The dynamics of national identity construction in postcolonial Hong Kong'. 
Rachel Katz 'Grinding their gears? Effects of 'Grindr tourism' on local LGBT+ communities in Israel'. 
Niamh Kavanagh 'Exploring Salford's working-class experiences of gentrification-induced displacement'. 
Wai Lau 'The Japanese Civilising Process'.
Jessica Mancuso 'Sapphic space scarcity: How space and place affect subculture visibility'. 
Susanne Martikke            'From impact to relationships: Voluntary sector organisations in a changing environment'.
Francisca Ortiz 'The trajectory of surviving being old with Chilean pensions: A sociology of personal life approach combining SNA and QCA mixed-methods'. 
Anh-Susann Pham Thi 'Vietnam between activism and oppression: Analysing and developing (new) forms of protest in a post-Socialist context'. 
Rohini Rai  'Cultures and appearances: A study of racism and discrimination against the university students from North-East India in Delhi'. 
Mahwish Rana 'Friendship and dementia: A critical approach'.  
Samuele Remillard-Boilard 'Developing age-friendly cities: A cross-national perspective'. 
Craig Robinson 'Coping with uncertainty: Socio-material performances of HIV and ageing'.
Caitlin Schmid 'Gender stratification in European welfare states - A comparative study of the effects of intergenerational care policy, labour market policy and cultural norms on gender equality'.
Manish Sen 'Queer and Desi: Postcolonial perspectives on Desi youth experiences in the UK'. 
Steven Speed 'Going against the grain: An ethnographic study of European alternative farming communities in the context of neo-liberal crisis'. 
Jamie Stevenson 'In the shadow of Grenfell: Residents, representations and social housing in London'. 
Yun Tong Tang 'An effective and spacial understanding of political culture: Analysis of the impacts of emotion management on the pro-democracy movement of Hong Kong, 2003-2016'. 
Maisie Tomlinson ''Critical anthropomorphism' and multi-species ethnography: an investigation into animal behaviour expertise'. 
Alexandrina Vanke 'Working-class life and struggle in Post-Soviet Russia'.  
Cedomir Vuckovic  'The colonisation of higher education: Power, reproduction and resistance'.  
Neta Yodovich  '"Does that make me a bad feminist?" - Feminist fans of science fiction and fantasy'.  
Jingran Yu  'Transnational media, new strategy? Rethinking Chinese students widening participation in UK higher education'.
Kaidong Yu 'Working-class students' experiences across generations'.
Ryan Wattam 'Working-class subculture and aspiration'. 
Chris Waugh 'Making revolutionary men: Masculinity, misogyny and activist culture'. 
Peter White 'How has the withdrawal of the NHS bursary impacted the rate of enrolment of students with widening participation characteristics into nursing education in the UK?'