Study abroad

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to see the world, experience new cultures and study at one of Manchester's world-class partner institutions.

Why study abroad?

This opportunity of a lifetime will seek to:

  • Develop broader and new perspectives on your subject area;
  • Widen your horizons;
  • Improve your language skills;
  • Help you grow as a person;
  • Improve your employability.

Full year exchanges

Students studying on the BSocSc Politics and International Relations course can apply during their second year to study abroad for a full academic year in their third year. Upon returning to Manchester, you will complete your final year of study and be awarded the BSocSc Politics and International Relations with International Study (a four-year degree course). 

The full year abroad operates on a pass or fail basis. If you pass your modules taken at the host university, your final transcript will list them but not include them in calculating your final average mark. If you do not pass your modules abroad, you transfer back to the standard BSocSc Politics and International Relations.

NB. Politics & IR no longer offer a one-semester study abroad.


  • Enrolment on BSocSc Politics & IR pathway
  • 60% average in Year 1
  • On track for a 60% average in Year 2, semester 1


  • Two thirds of modules taken must be in Politics and International Relations;
  • All courses must be passed (the equivalent of a pass at The University of Manchester) to be awarded the BSocSc Politics and International Relations with International Study.

Where can you go?

You have the opportunity to choose from a fantastic list of partner universities (in Europe and out of Europe) to find out where you can go please visit -My Placement. Please note that students can only study abroad at universities that we have exchange agreements with.


Please visit the Go Abroad website to find out how to finance and fund your year abroad.

How to apply

Visit the student intranet for more information.