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Global Political Economy

The Global Political Economy cluster represents a wide range of research interests, all of which are concerned with problematising the false dichotomy between the 'political' and the 'economic' in the constitution of the global political economy.

The research done by cluster members is informed by a variety of critical theoretical perspectives. Some of our specific areas of interest include neoliberalism, critiques of capitalism, European and global crises, environment and development in Africa, debt and financialisation, the political economy of trade, gender and institutional change, corporate power and the rise of philanthrocapitalism.

What our work has in common is the desire to take inspiration from debates within Global Political Economy while also being informed by literatures rooted in a number of other social science disciplines.

Hence, the cluster’s activities can be defined by a unity in diversity, making it an exciting place to work together – as faculty and postgraduate researchers - on issues of common interest while also forging our own distinctive research agendas.