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Gate with barbed wire

Critical Global Politics

The Critical Global Politics cluster brings together scholars undertaking cutting-edge research on issues that face global politics.

In particular, members of the cluster champion critical approaches in the study of security, conflict, migration, war, gender, ethics, resistance, international institutions, China and the Far East, and knowledge production. Our commitment to critical thinking drives us to ask big questions:  

  • What does it mean to live in a secured world?
  • What does it mean to live in a nation state and do nation states still matter in modern global politics?
  • How has technology reshaped the face of modern war? Can ethics and politics reconcilable?
  • What constitutes a legitimate political action?
  • What is the power and political significance of marginalized and excluded political groups?
  • Is gender still a powerful political category?
  • What is the role of academics in knowledge production and policy advising?

These are just some of the topics discussed in our seminars, roundtables, workshops and conferences.