Why study here?

The University of Manchester is one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions situated in a diverse and exciting city.

Developing your interests

During your degree, you will gradually develop interests in particular topics, and you will want to pursue these interests in great depth.  

The advantage of studying at Manchester is that, as one of the largest politics departments in the country (with over 45 research-active staff), we offer an unrivalled depth and expertise.

We are divided into five specialist research clusters, each cluster consists of a group of experts in the field. 

Sharing your ideas

  • At Manchester, you can be sure that, whatever motivates and excites you about the study of politics, you will have several members of staff to share and discuss your ideas with.
  • In your first year, our introductory courses will give you a flavour of various topics.
  • Then, in your second and third years, you will be able to follow your interests by specialising in particular areas.

For more information about degree structures, you can browse all our courses.