Politics research at Manchester has a lasting impact on civil society and policy-making around the world.


Recent examples of our academics' engagement with policymakers include:

Impact case studies

A TTIP-ping Point for Democracy?

Demystifying Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and shaping the course and content of ongoing negotiations.

Elections, youth representation and citizenship

Highlighting and supporting potential solutions and interventions to unprecedentedly low rates of engagement and participation by young people, in political institutions and elections.

Promoting gender equality in politics and policy

Studies of women’s underrepresentation in politics and the impact of economic austerity on women have shaped policy and informed public debate. 

Radical reform of Greece’s core executive structures

Our research Identifying key and pressing elements of reform to weak leadership and management within the structure of Greece’s core executive.

The politics of diversity: immigration, minorities and the radical right

Insights into the political and social impact of ethnic change in Britain contribute to policies and campaigns to integrate ethnic minorities and address concerns about immigration and rising diversity. 

What makes people give their time and money to good causes?

Governments and public agencies can use ‘nudges’ to encourage citizens’ civic behaviour.

Making world trade fairer

Supporting fairer policy and has strengthened international negotiations for several states.