Konstantinos Achilles Kanellopoulos

PhD Politics

Why did you choose Manchester?

I chose Manchester specifically because of its unparalleled excellence in my field, and because of its inter/multi-disciplinary structure.

My long-term commitment is to become a distinguished problem-solver, respected and recognised by individuals and organisations of all calibres. I am certain that such a dream and step forward is only possible through the distinguished Politics department at the University of Manchester.

Why did you choose this programme?

Acknowledging the interdisciplinary nature of my dissertation topic and due to The University of Manchester’s unparalleled excellence in politics and international political economy, I realised that the Politics department was the perfect choice for my doctoral studies,

It will allow me to pursue spectacular research that will not only deepen, but perhaps even reconstruct the scholarly community's understanding of the ‘Greek crisis’. I am collaborating with the world's most distinguished academic researchers, such as Professors Dimitris Papadimitriou and Stuart Shields.

What are the best things about your degree?

One of the greatest things about my degree is that, although my research is focusing on the Greek sovereign defaults, at the same time I am able to continue exploring my passion in international relations, political science and - more specifically - European public policy and policymaking.

I have the opportunity to audit various courses within and beyond the Politics department. The various events organised by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE) allow me to have access to unparalleled experts and researchers. More importantly, I will be able to dedicate a significant portion of my time to conducting fieldwork, and thus allow my research to make a real impact – both from an academic and a policy standpoint.

Last but not least, the clusters within the department are an exceptional opportunity to share insights on topics that particularly interest me and, at the same time, receive valuable feedback from colleagues and other distinguished experts.

Are there any course units you’ve particularly enjoyed?

I’m particularly enjoying the Research Design unit I am taking with Professor Morgan. The course allows students to adequately prepare themselves for the professional environment of the PhD, by preparing presentations of their research identical to scholarly conferences. In other words, the course has given me the opportunity to practise – and build on – crucial academic (and transferable) skills, while making effective use of time and tackling questions and feedback.

The opportunity to exchange research ideas with my fellow researchers is extremely helpful because my colleagues are great in flagging areas of potential challenge, even at such an early stage of our research.

As an auditor of ‘The EU: Politics and Policymaking’, in every class I re-discover my passion for EU studies. Despite the chaotic cacophony characterising ‘Brexit’, I have never seen a more diverse group of students being interested in the EU and, without exaggerating, I have never seen a more enlightening approach to teaching such complicated and perplexing issues related to the EU. As an ambitious academic, I couldn’t find something to be more inspiring, motivating and morale-boosting than Prof Papadimitriou’s teaching.

What benefits do you think your course and the University will give you on graduation?

The Politics department at The University of Manchester will provide me with the tools to continue a successful career in European affairs and political economy, and achieve my life-long ambition of becoming a distinguished scholar in my field.

I stand firmly convinced that the collaboration, guidance, and mentoring of my supervisors, along with the Politics department’s technical training, will generate unparalleled opportunities not only for my research, but, my career more broadly.

My PhD in Politics from The University of Manchester will ultimately be the final mechanism —the catalyst — I need to undertake an active role dealing with my country’s financial Odyssey and Europe's existential crisis.

Why should an applicant choose Manchester?

Prospective applicants should choose Manchester because it is an institution that finds itself at the nexus of intellectual rigor, international dialogue, and policy focus. The University of Manchester is the perfect environment for people to realise their full potential – both from an academic and a professional perspective – and achieve their ambitious career goals.

Although I’m relatively new here, after attending some of the most prestigious academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, quite frankly I have never found myself in such a friendly, diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment, fostering virtuous collaborations and life-long partnerships.

I have never seen a more conducive, well-rounded, collaborative and disciplined academic environment than Manchester. In sum, The University of Manchester is a unique place for individuals to conduct their postgraduate studies, deepen and widen their expertise, while having the chance to attain real-world orientation.