Rohan Mistry

Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Rohan Mistry, Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA
Rohan said he chose Manchester because of the top academic teaching standards.

I chose Manchester as I always knew I wanted to go to university in a big city which had career, sporting and other co-curricular opportunities. And that's exactly the experience I've had while here.

I've been teaching with charities for the past three years, involved in intramural and university-wide sport (rugby, tennis, table tennis, squash etc.). Also, leading and sitting on committees which I care about to make a difference to both the University and the wider Manchester community.

Manchester was also the clear choice for me as it has top academic teaching standards and the stamp of a red brick university, without that being all there is to it. Academics are one thing but having a well-rounded experience where you get to meet people from completely different backgrounds and learn about the world outside of the formal education bubble is also incredibly important.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

The breadth of subjects and people I get to interact with.

I study Politics, Philosophy and Economics so I was always going to get a wide experience of academics at university. But, being thrown into all the different subjects and being able to meet those standards on more specialised courses has been enjoyable.

Moreover, you are constantly meeting and making friends with a huge amount of people over three years. PPE is unique, you get to have that wide experience but also due to the active society, of which I am now the president, there is still a sense of closeness from the people studying your course, even if you don't see them in lectures, so you don't end up feeling lost in the crowd. 

How would you describe your student experience?

The University of Manchester is big, so there are plenty of opportunities to step up and lead. Whether that is through your halls or societies, there are always opportunities to make a real positive change to the groups and communities which you get involved in.

Within my first semester, I was representing all sports for my halls and now I am representing my course mates, and leaving a lasting impact. I've since been back to my halls and the table tennis and pool table which we bought are still there in fine working order. It makes you feel like the place is really yours and not a temporary home for three years.

The same goes for the university-wide Student Union elections. The elections are held yearly and the active campaigning from the candidates show that students really do care about making a real difference and representing each other in a significant way. If something needs to be changed, or you want to make a difference, Manchester offers plenty of avenues to do that. 

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

In Manchester, there is always something going on, whether its nightlife, arts and culture or sport, there is something for everyone.

I've always been career-minded so the part-time jobs and career pathways available in Manchester have been very appealing. Through work and general exploring, I've found a part-time job which has flown me all over the world and really gotten a sense of the Manchester identity.

The northern quarter and all the amazing restaurants and food spots provide a really buzzy energy to the place if you're willing to venture out of the oxford street (Fallowfield accommodation to the University main campus) bubble. 

What are your plans for life after graduation?

I am currently applying for management consultancy jobs with a higher ambition of moving towards the civil service, once I've gained some experience in the working world.

That said, the world is my oyster and the brilliant Careers Service at the University have helped me revamp my CV and given me food for thought about my career.

The university is recognised for its employability and employers take notice of the well-rounded, intelligent people leaving its ranks - all helpful in an ever-competitive job market. The Manchester mentoring gold scheme has also been a blessing in helping me connect with alumni in the industry and given me insight into career pathways I had not thought of.