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Henrique Tavares Furtado


I am member of The University of Manchester’s Critical Global Politics Research Cluster following the research streams of (1) Critical Security, Terrorism and Political Violence Studies (2) Studies of critical methods and the politics of knowledge.  I currently work on the Brazilian National Truth Commission - Comissão Nacional da Verdade  (CNV) – analysing the interface between trauma, repression/political violence  and historical representation  in the official remembrance of Brazilian Cold War authoritarianism.  My Main research areas are Terrorism and Political Violence, Trauma Studies, Politics of Memory and International Politics. I am particularly interested on the relations between political and discursive forms of repression/exclusion; the appropriation of individual trauma in national narratives of past conflicts; and the political usage of the concept of terrorism.


The Politics of Remembering Terror: A Temporal Analysis of the Brazilian Truth Commission


Recent publications

Furtado, H. T. (2012). Contextualismo Enquanto Metafísica Da Presença: A Desconstrução Do Historicismo Crítico Pós-Estruturalista. [Contextualism as Metaphysics of Presence: Deconstructing Poststructuralist’s Critical Historicism]  Revista Monções, 1(1): 257-281.

Mendes, C.; Furtado, H. T. (2012). Tempo e Repetição na Teoria de Relações Internacionais. [Time and Repetition in Theory of International Relations] Revista Debates, 6(2): 201-216.

Teaching experience

Introduction to International Politics – Poli 10601 (The University of Manchester)


PhD Fully funded by Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES, Brazilian Research Council)