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About us

The mission of Critical Global Politics cluster is to provide informed and academically rigorous insight into these questions and expose assumptions that more traditional approaches to the study of global phenomena take for granted. Such research ethos allow us to question, critique and further probe political decisions, policies and knowledge practices which drive modern politics and inform academic discussions as well as practitioners.   

We discuss our work in various forums: from bi-weekly seminars with internal or external/invited speaker, to workshops, colloquiums and conferences. We have organized a number of very successful events and hosted academics such as: Zygmunt Bauman, Derek Gregory, Costas Douzinas, Michael Dillon, Banu Bargu, Sergei Prozorov and others.

The cluster is also home to a large, vibrant and intellectually engaging PhD community. In conjunction with our PhD students we also provide a forum for education and career training. 

We are committed to produce internationally leading work in these areas (and beyond) and to do so:

  • by fostering interdisciplinarity with other cogent disciplines/ departments within the university, nationally and internationally;
  • by strengthening and building new individual and collective networks with relevant individuals nationally and internationally;
  • collaborate internally and externally on projects and funding applications;
  • provide a supportive peer-review process through cluster seminar series
  • seek links with external stake holders, NGOs, activists and other enterprises who we identify as beneficiary of out knowledge/research;
  • provide internal informal mentoring;
  • commit to the strengthening of the postgraduate community and provide appropriate training for future academics.