Landlord and tenant law

At the LAC we regularly advise tenants on all aspects of their housing rights, including problems around return of deposits, disrepair, threats of eviction, housing benefit issues.

We can also assist on social housing issues such as council housing waiting lists and transfers, harassment or withdrawal of services such as electricity and water by landlords and nuisance problems such as noise and smell. We frequently advise leaseholders on their rights, for example around service charges, including residents of flats with a single freeholder.

We do not provide advice on land law or property matters to those who own their own home, but we may be able to assist where there is a threat of repossession.

You may be able to obtain legal aid, if your income and savings are within the legal aid limits, for the following matters:

  • Eviction after a notice of eviction has been served;
  • Applying to the council as a homeless person;
  • Protection from harassment orders and ASBOs;
  • Losing your home through mortgage repossession (but only if accepted through the Legal Aid Agency telephone gateway).

For disrepair cases that involve a claim for compensation you may be able to obtain representation from a solicitor on a “no win no fee” basis.

If you qualify for legal aid we would advise you to contact a solicitor. To find out whether you qualify financially you can check on the website: