COVID-19 legal help

Our Covid-19 Virtual Vacation Scheme at the Justice Hub brought students from The University of Manchester together from all over the world to research areas that have been directly affected by the current pandemic.

The aim of the scheme was to simplify some very complicated areas of law while creating an accessible and informative method of legal help for the community.

The following videos and documents were created by our students as an introduction to family law, employment law, housing issues, carers’ issues, and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

The resources were produced during a virtual Vacation Scheme in June 2020. The information and guidance reflects policy at the time and may be subject to change.

Legal help videos


    Useful documents

    These documents and videos are based upon the law as it stands as at June 2020; they are intended as a guide to good practice, and are not a substitute for legal advice upon the facts of any specific case. No liability is accepted for any adverse consequences of reliance upon it.