Our services

We are only able to provide initial, one-off advice, to assist you to take your legal matter forwards.

We are not able to provide representation in any court or tribunal or to contact an opponent on your behalf.

Please note that before we can offer an appointment, your request will be reviewed by a member of staff to ensure it is a case that we can deal with. If your case is one that we can deal with and students are available, we will arrange an in-person or a virtual appointment for you to attend. If we are unable to offer an appointment, we will try to signpost you to another service.

Legal Advice Centre

The Centre provides legal advice by letter and email in the following specific practice areas:

  • Small claims;
  • Employment;
  • Housing;
  • Wills and probate;
  • Family;
  • Dementia/Mental Capacity related legal problems;
  • Advice for charities.

The Legal Advice Centre is led by students under the supervision of a volunteer and/or member of staff from The University of Manchester.

If we are able to assist, we will endeavour to arrange an appointment for you to meet with the students and their supervisor either on campus or on the virtual platform Zoom. During your meeting with the students, they will gather the necessary information about your case and following the meeting, research your legal position. The students aim to provide a letter of advice within 14 - 28 days of the meeting. As the students will need to research your legal case, please note that advice cannot be given by the students in the meeting.

Manchester Free Legal Help 

Manchester Free Legal Help scheme aims to assist clients with legal issues in the areas of Family Law and Immigration Law.

The Manchester Free Legal Help scheme is led by a volunteer lawyer. Subject to your case being one in which we can help, we will arrange for you a 20-minute meeting with a volunteer lawyer for you to explain your legal problem and for the volunteer lawyer to provide you with advice. Student(s) will be present at the meeting to take a record of the advice provided. A copy of these notes can be provided, upon request.