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Legal Advice Centre

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Our services

We provide free legal advice to members of the public at our student-led Centre on The University of Manchester campus. All our students are studying law and are supervised by qualified lawyers.

If we can assist, you will be given an appointment to see two of our trained students under the supervision of a lawyer. The students will gather the necessary information about your case. Only in very exceptional circumstances will advice be given on the day. Usually, the students will send you a letter of advice, approved by the lawyer, within 14 days of the appointment.

We are not able to provide representation in any court or tribunal or to contact an opponent on your behalf. We only provide initial, one off advice, to assist you to take your legal matter forwards.

If we are not able to help you for whatever reason we will always do our best to signpost you to another organisation that may be able to provide the advice that you are looking for.

Please note we are only able to provide assistance during The University of Manchester term time.