Clinical Legal Education

At The University of Manchester we give our students the best possible start to their legal careers, including a range of opportunities to take part in clinical legal education.

This means introducing students to the practical application of the law and to using legal knowledge in real life situations in our Legal Advice Centre.

We seek to ensure that our students are trained to deliver at a high standard in terms of their professional ethics, legal research and interview skills. They learn how to carry out legal work on a similar basis to a solicitors’ firm. They also work closely with practising solicitors and barristers and gain an insight into the life of a lawyer. This taste of legal casework makes a positive contribution to their future career choices.

Each year between 200 and 300 undergraduate and postgraduate students participate in the Legal Advice Centre and over 300 clients receive advice.

The University of Manchester's School of Law has commissioned a detailed report on clinical legal education, which is available to download: