László Antal


Statistical Disclosure Control for Derived and Administrative Data

PhD summary

The PhD is within the framework of the ONS “Beyond 2011” programme. This programme aims at investigating alternative ways to conduct the census. The changing society and the evolving user needs may require more information about society than the traditional 10-year census data.

While the traditional census is based on complete enumeration, an alternative solution depends on the information from surveys and administrative data sources. The PhD intends to make a contribution to the statistical disclosure control challenges of the alternative census.

Statistical disclosure control methods perturb the data in order to maintain the confidentiality of the respondents. Therefore, the assessment of the disclosure risk is one of the crucial points in statistical disclosure control. The PhD addresses the measurement of the disclosure risk as well as the utility of the census outputs for both the traditional and alternative censuses. Such outputs might involve survey or model-based components. The research investigates primarily the tabular outputs.

However, the statistical disclosure control methods might apply to the underlying microdata prior to tabulation and therefore the disclosure risk of the microdata has also an important role in the research.


May 2012 - May 2015


Economic and Social Research Council and Office for National Statistics


Contact details

Email: laszlo.antal@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk