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More about the researchers, lecturers and support staff that make up our Social Statistics department.

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Teaching and research staff

Alice Bloom
Research Associate

Dr Mark Brown

Dr Jennifer Buckley
Research Associate

Dr Alexandru Cernat
Senior Lecturer

Prof Jackie Carter
Professor of Statistical Literacy, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Georgia Chatzi
Research Associate

Dr Rihab Dahab
Research Associate

Prof Angela Dale
Professor Emerita

Prof Mark Elliot
Professor of Data Science

Dr Eduardo Fe
Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics

Dr Tina Hannemann
Research Associate

Prof Todd Hartman
Professor of Quantitative Social Science

Dr Vanessa Higgins
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Yinxuan Huang
Research Associate

Dr Julia Kasmire
Research Associate

Dr Jihye Kim
Lecturer in Social Statistics

Dr Sarah King-Hele
Research Fellow

Dr Diarmuid McDonnell
Research Associate

Dr Robert Meckin
Presidential Fellow

Dr Kathrin Morosow
Lecturer in Social Statistics

Prof Wendy Olsen

Professor of Socio-Economics, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Maria Pampaka
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Diego Perez Ruiz
Teaching Associate

Prof Ian Plewis
Emeritus Professor

Dr Kingsley Purdam

Dr Diego Pérez Ruiz
Lecturer in Social Statistics

Dr Termeh Shafie

Prof Natalie Shlomo
Professor of Social Statistics, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Nick Shryane

Dr Duncan Smith
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Andras Voros
Lecturer in Social Statistics 

Dr Arkadiusz Wisniowski 
Senior Lecturer

Dr Nan Zhang
Presidential Fellow and Lecturer

Departmental Administrator

Hannah Mooney
Email: hannah.mooney@manchester.ac.uk