Erica Martini


Why did you choose this course at The University of Manchester Law School?

Erica Martini
Erica moved over from Canada to study Law at The University of Manchester.

Studying law has always been a dream of mine from a very young age, so it was not a shock to anyone when I decided to finally pursue it. I chose Manchester because of its excellent reputation, both in academics and social life.

What do you most enjoy about studying here?

Studying here has really taught me all about independence. I moved far away from home and I had no choice but to mature and grow as an individual, and I really admire that about my experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person and can confirm that the big city life is definitely for me!

What has been the highlight of your course so far? 

The highlight of my course so far has been my volunteer work at the Legal Advice Centre. Being a Law student at Manchester, you are given an opportunity to receive training and participate in the pro bono organization here at the University. I was given many opportunities to meet with clients and issue letters of advice based on their legal issues. This provided me with hands on experience of what to expect in my career.

Have you been involved in any of the Law societies and events? 

The best thing I did upon beginning my course here at Manchester was get involved with the Manchester University Law Society. I went to most of the socials during my first year where I met all my friends, many of which I am still friends with in my third year. I was nominated as Diversity Representative during my second year, and am currently elected as Vice President for my third year. It’s so much fun!

What are your plans after graduation? How do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you for this?

After graduation, I am hoping to pursue my LLM in New York City and am planning to write the New York Bar Exam. Studying here at Manchester has definitely prepared me for this experience. They have provided us with presentations and guest lecturers who have informed us exactly what to do to follow this career path. 

Name one valuable experience that you will take away with you that you could have only experienced at Manchester?

One valuable experience I have learned here at Manchester is proper independent study and work ethic. The lecturers are very encouraging and approachable, and provide tips on how to really learn the content on your own in order to prepare for seminars and exams.

What advice would you give to new Law students at Manchester?

First of all, excellent choice. Second, work hard, but have fun. Manchester has so much to offer, make sure you maintain a solid work/social balance so you can enjoy yourself!