Ellie Foreman Philosophy and Politics (BA Social Sciences)

Going to Paris for six months on the Erasmus exchange programme is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

At first I was a bit worried about moving to a new city without speaking the language but I quickly picked up the basics and the course was taught in English.

Studying in Paris

Living in a new city is an incredible experience. I had travelled a lot before but living in one place for six months is completely different. You have enough time to get to know the city and explore all the secret places that you’d only know as a local. I almost feel like I know Paris better than Manchester now!

A great aspect of studying abroad is the amazing people you’ll meet from around the world. I met some of my closest friends who I will always stay in contact with. The only sad part is leaving at the end of six months.

Luckily, one of my friends I met there is doing her Erasmus in Manchester and living with us this year.

I study Philosophy and Politics here, but in Paris technically I was just studying Politics. It’s definitely possible if you’re doing joint honours.

A change I hadn’t expected so much was the different system of studying that Sciences Po has compared to Manchester.

The workload was much harder, which at first was quite daunting but after the first few weeks I began to really enjoy the challenge.

Inspirational Erasmus

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to experience two different academic systems. It’s also exciting studying with students from so many different cultures and backgrounds. I did a multiculturalism unit in a class of students from 12 different countries, which was really interesting.

An Erasmus exchange is an incredible experience and one hundred percent worth doing. I would love to do it again, and it’s inspired me to consider doing a masters degree abroad.

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