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Current PhD students

Find out what some of our postgraduate researchers are working on.

  • Mesfer Alhayyani - Philosophy of religion, metaphysics and epistemology.
  • Beth Ansell - Self-Knowledge, cognitive phenomenology, and phenomenological research methods.
  • Sylvia Barnett - Metaphysics, philosophy of language
  • Jon Bebb - Metaphysics, philosophy of science, normative theory
  • Justina Berskyte - Philosophy of language, philosophical logic, formal semantics
  • Jack Casey - Metaphysics, philosophical logic, philosophy of science
  • Emile CHAN Chun Nam - Philosophy of action, philosophy of emotion, epistemology, metaethics, philosophy of mind, Chinese philosophy
  • Gong Chen - Philosophy of language, philosophical logic
  • Sarah Christensen - Machine ethics, metaphysics, ethics and philosophy of technology
  • Abigail Connor – Temporal experience, perception, phenomenology
  • Nathan Duckett - Philosophy of science, philosophy of language, cognitive science, formal semantics/philosophical logic
  • Andreas De Jong - Metaontology, ontology, philosophy of language, and logic
  • Jonas Faria Costa - Joint action, collective intention, game theory
  • Lydia Farina - Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of psychology, ancient philosophy
  • Hadis Farokhi - Moral philosophy, neuropsychology, ethics of technology, philosophy of science
  • Yu Gu - The Implication of Translation for Philosophy of Language: An Assessment of The Theory of Descriptions in Light of Empirical Data Drawn from English to Mandarin-Chinese Translation 
  • Fred Horton - Homo Economicus as Subject: A Return to the State of Nature 
  • William Knowles - Modality (both epistemology and metaphysics), analytic philosophy in 20th century, decision theory
  • Luiz Leal - Philosophy of music, metaphysics, aesthetics, philosophy of perception
  • James Lloyd - Philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science
  • Pilar Lopez-Cantero - Philosophy of love and sex, philosophy of emotions, applied ethics
  • Benedetta Magro - Philosophy of Mind, philosophy of agency, philosophy of emotions
  • Anne-Marie McCallion - History of philosophy and meta-philosophy, feminism, political economy and moral theory
  • Joey Montgomery - Environmental ethics, practical rationality 
  • Penelope Orr - Philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, cognitive science
  • Jonas Raab - (Meta)metaphysics, (philosophical) logic, philosophy of science, ancient philosophy
  • Carlo Raineri - Phenomenology, perception, time-consciousness, epistemology, scepticism
  • Oliver Spinney - History of analytic philosophy, British idealism, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic
  • Lucy Tomlinson - Philosophy of mind, ethics
  • Leonie Smith - Social metaphysics, social epistemology, testimonial knowledge, political theory, global justice
  • Simon Walgenbach - Aesthetics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology