Impact case studies

We aim to apply our research to real-world problems where possible, and to reach out to a wider public audience.  Explore some of the impact our research has had -- and find out more about the impact of our research and our public engagement activities by visiting our 'Engaged Philosophy' page!

Social justice and flood insurance: markets or solidarity?

See how our research led to the development of a UK-wide reinsurance scheme that gives householders in high flood-risk areas better access to, and cheaper, home insurance alternatives to market-based approaches to flood insurance to environmental sustainability.

Who and where are the climate disadvantaged?

Find out how our research has led to the development of an online mapping tool that allows public bodies and town planners to identify areas of climate disadvantage.

Women in philosophy

Explore our research into the underrepresentation of women in philosophy, and some of the practical initiatives we've been involved with.