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Events in Philosophy

Philosophy Research Seminar - Dr Wesley Buckwalter (Manchester)

15:10 - 16:50 05 February 2020

*Title: The Replication Crisis and Philosophy *Abstract: The replication crisis is perceived by many as one of the most significant threats to the reliability of research in cognitive science. Though news of the replication crisis has been dominated by social psychology, all signs indicate that it likely extends to several other fields. This..

Philosophy Research Seminar - Olly Spinney (Manchester)

15:10 - 16:50 26 February 2020

*Title: Bipolarity, Logical Truth, and the General Form of the Proposition *Abstract: Wittgenstein was, in his early period, committed to the principle of ‘bipolarity’. The principle states that it is constitutive of something’s possessing a sense that it be capable of truth and capable of falsehood. Commitment to the principle, therefo..

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